Generation Y – To Become a Generation of Deaf People?


Will those of Generation Y, bought up on the ubiquitous use of devices with headphones/earphones attached such as mp3 players, mobile phones and immersive gaming and such, become a generation of deaf people over the next few decades? It’s been noted by medical researchers that with the exception of using the best studio headphones, most headphones or ear buds end up being used too much and cause subtle damage to the bodies auditory system.

The best xBox 360 headset, used for three hours a day, will generate enough sound to help you into the realm of ‘you are deaf/hard of hearing, congratulations’ very, very quickly if you have it up too loud.

Contrary to popular opinion, going deaf is not an inherent part of getting old. Scientists studying native tribes in the Amazon have repeatedly discovered that their ears are completely functional and they have what could be considered ‘normal’ hearing–all the way up until they are ninety years old.

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The Kinect Effect – Microsoft Video Game Division Grows by 55 Percent


The extreme popularity of Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensing device has rejuvenated the company’s video game division. Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division; which handles all gaming consoles and MP3 players, had revenues amounting to $3.7 billion for the quarter ending December 2010 as compared to $2.4 billion in the same quarter last year; a solid growth of over 55 pct. Microsoft’s gaming division has faced many years of losses and sluggish growth. The recent introduction of the motion-sensing Kinect add-on for XBox 360 seems to have turned the situation on its head. → Read More

The Newbie Guide to Microsoft Kinect Hacks


The Kinect is a motion sensing 3D camera developed by Microsoft for its Xbox 360 gaming console. Kinect lets a user interact with the console without even touching the joystick. The $150 Kinect is Microsoft’s answer to Nintendo’s Wii Remote Plus and Sony’s PlayStation Move. A number of Xbox 360 titles are already compatible with the Kinect and this number is set to increase significantly in the near future. Microsoft’s Kinect has also caught the attention of the hacker community. The Kinect comes with 2 cameras that can be used to make a 3D map of anything that the cameras are focused on. Hackers have managed to transfer these 3D maps to computers and manipulate the data for some very interesting results. → Read More