Windows Phone 7 – Tough Times Ahead


Low sales figures for the “Kin” brand of smart phones introduced by Microsoft have made life difficult for its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. The smart phone market is largely controlled by devices powered by the Google Android operating system and the iPhone which runs on Apple’s iOS operating system. The smart phone market is currently dominated by Apple and Google along with RIM’s Blackberry relegating Microsoft to fringe player status. The forthcoming debut of a CDMA iPhone 4 on Verizon’s network will make it even more difficult for Microsoft to establish itself in the rapidly growing smart phone market. The debut of the iPhone 4 on America’s largest telecom network will make life that much tougher for other smart phone brands. But while Android and Blackberry are already established names in the business, Microsoft remains a rank newcomer. To add to its woes, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 powered devices are only available on Sprint and AT&T currently while both Blackberry and Android are available across all networks. → Read More