What Is The Best Android Phone?


Many people are asking what the best android phone is. Unfortunately, this is a very tough question to answer because new Android phones are being released month after month. There is no definitive way to say that a particular phone is the best buy for too long. Besides, personal preferences often come into play when it comes to choosing what we think is best. Nonetheless, there are a number of Android phones that many reviewers consider to have fantastic features. For now there is only one serious contender for Appleā€™s iPhone operating system and that is the Android operating system which was acquired by Google in 2005. It is widely acknowledged that the iPhone is the leading smartphone today, but the manufacturers of Android phones are doing their best to topple the Apple iPhone from its number one position. The big advantage of Android phones is that they are being manufactured by the leading smartphone companies and come bundled with all the major carriers in the United States. Thus, users have a wide variety of smartphone models and carriers to choose from. → Read More