Benefits And Usage Of Video Conferencing

With the assistance from video conferencing you can communicate with your friend, colleague and family members in complete audio and video format as per your liking without any technical impediments. However, you need to make it certain that the entire units are in proper working order so that you can converse effectively without any obstructions. Video conferencing can be effectively utilized in several diverse mediums without any problems. Therefore, this latest technology is extremely popular all over the globe due to its useful features. It can really save a lot of time, effort and money if you use video conferencing in the most flawless manner. General utilizations of video conferencing involve trade meetings, educational preparation and partnership with health officers along with other private and government representatives. At the same time, video conferencing can also be utilized in telecommunications, telemedicine, armed forces, security, education, supervision, disaster response, scientific labs, IT, transport and several other mediums.

However, the biggest advantage of video conferencing is that it enables you to communicate with your acquaintance or family members even though they may be living in the remotest corner of this world without any impediments. At the same time, you don’t need to spend on travelling and any other related expenses connected with face to face conversation. Trade meetings, scientific meetings, educational summits, healthcare summits, telecommunication conferences and other meetings can be easily executed with the assistance from video conferencing.

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Tablet Wars: iPad 2 vs. Xoom vs. PlayBook vs. WebOS Slate


2010 has been described as the year of the Tablet. Just as the early 1970s saw a number of companies coming out with personal computers, 2010 saw the release of numerous tablet PCs with the Apple iPad being the most popular. While the Apple iPad had the first-mover advantage and quickly captured market share in 2010, the current calendar year will see a number of technology companies coming out with their own tablet PCs. This year’s installment of the popular technology trade show CES saw every tech company worth its salt displaying a tablet prototype or announcing their plans for the same. Among the more prominent tablets displayed at CES 2011 are the Android 3 based Motorola Xoom, the QNX based BlackBerry PlayBook and the HP WebOS tablet. Together, these new releases are expected to dent Apple’s current market share by giving tough competition to Apple’s upcoming iPad 2. → Read More