Android Tablets Offer More Choices


After making a huge impact on the mobile phone industry, it seems that Android is now doing the same for tablets. Of course, the quality of the Apple iPad remains unmatched, but Android tablets are rapidly catching up. The Android OS also has a multitude of users for tablets, smartphones and other devices. And because it’s an open source, consumers have numerous choices when it comes to Android tablets. Android Tablet – What makes it popular? When you have an Android tablet, it’s very easy to customize. You can add “widgets” or “shortcuts” to your favorite apps on your home screen. Remember that Android is an open source. Anyone can use it for free and develop new apps and new versions. If you don’t like the way your Android tablet looks, simply download a different “look” for your device. Anyone can create apps for Android tablets and smartphones and make them available on the Android Marketplace. Whenever you need a new app simply look for it at the Marketplace. → Read More

What is a Tablet PC?


I am sure you have repeatedly heard different things about the famous iPad. It is a device that has been sold in over 3 million copies since it was launched. It has been so successful that a whole frenzy has started about the whole category of devices that are similar to the iPad: the tablet PC frenzy. So what are tablet PC devices really? Well, to put it simple they are mobile computers. You could be awestruck because of not seeing a keyboard, but the main characteristic of tablet PCs is that their input device is a touch screen. You communicate with your device directly through its screen. This is probably why tablet PCs are continuously growing in popularity; as a user you interact a lot easier with your device. → Read More

Are Tablet PC’s Better Than Netbooks?


Tablets are the latest and greatest innovation when it comes to mobile computing. They have great potential and many super cool improvements in technology, like multiple touch interfaces. Technologies like this are giving tablet PCs are real boost in the eyes of consumers and may, eventually take over the position of netbooks for light weight ultra portable mobile computing. One of the key benefit to a tablet is that you don’t have to open it, you just unlock it, whether by swipe or passcode, and you are off and running. You are also able to use it like a book, or prop it up like a picture frame to watch movies, or even play games on it just by tilting it back and forth. → Read More

HP’s New ‘TouchPad’ Tablet Set for Summer Release


HP officially announced the release of its long-awaited TouchPad tablet this Thursday 10th February. The Pao Alto based computer giant also confirmed that the TochPad would be based on Palm’s WebOS mobile operating system and will see a summer 2011 release. The company added that the TouchPad was designed by hundreds of engineers who are part of Palm’s WebOS team. HP acquired Palm Inc. in an all-cash deal last April. The TouchPad is HP’s first WebOS based tablet PC and was chiefly designed to act as a digital companion to other HP devices and smart phones based on Palm’s WebOS platform. → Read More

Dell Launches New 10-inch Windows 7 Tablet


Dell unveiled a 10 inch Windows 7 based tablet at the “Dell Means Business” event organized by the company in San Francisco this Tuesday. The tablet was one of the 39 products that Dell intends to release in the near future. The company said that the Windows-based tablet was targeted at those “who need greater mobility, as well as IT organizations that demand control, security, manageability, and integration with existing infrastructure investments.” The Windows 7 based tablet will be powered by an Intel processor and will be released by the middle of this year. → Read More

‘The Daily’ Makes History – First Digital Newspaper for Tablets


Media mogul Rupert Murdoch made history last Wednesday by flagging off “The Daily”; News Corp.’s iPad centric digital daily. Addressing an audience of reporters, media executives, employees and advertising partners at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, Murdoch stated that “New times demand new journalism;” an indication of the new venture’s importance to News Corp. The Daily is the first tablet centric newspaper in the world. It will be available as an iPad application and will cost subscribers 99 cents a week or $40 a year. → Read More

Motorola’s ‘Xoom’ – Price Tag of $700 and February 17 Release Date


Motorola’s “Xoom” tablet PC received wholesome praise from reviewers and lay people alike, at the CES 2011 earlier in January. According to details released by Motorola, Xoom will be the first tablet PC to be based on the Android 3; Google’s “Honeycomb” operating system specifically meant for tablets. According to documents leaked from retail chain Best Buy, the Xoom will be available for sale in its stores by February 17th and will sport a price tag of $700. → Read More

Tablet Wars: iPad 2 vs. Xoom vs. PlayBook vs. WebOS Slate


2010 has been described as the year of the Tablet. Just as the early 1970s saw a number of companies coming out with personal computers, 2010 saw the release of numerous tablet PCs with the Apple iPad being the most popular. While the Apple iPad had the first-mover advantage and quickly captured market share in 2010, the current calendar year will see a number of technology companies coming out with their own tablet PCs. This year’s installment of the popular technology trade show CES saw every tech company worth its salt displaying a tablet prototype or announcing their plans for the same. Among the more prominent tablets displayed at CES 2011 are the Android 3 based Motorola Xoom, the QNX based BlackBerry PlayBook and the HP WebOS tablet. Together, these new releases are expected to dent Apple’s current market share by giving tough competition to Apple’s upcoming iPad 2. → Read More