Galaxy S 4G to Debut on T-Mobile – LG G Slate Tablet Coming


U.S. network carrier T-Mobile announced the forthcoming release of the Galaxy S 4G smart phone and the G-Slate tablet on its network. The company said that Galaxy S 4G will begin shipping next month while the G-Slate tablet by LG will see a spring release. T-Mobile also volunteered some technical specifications for the G-Slate tablet by saying that it will feature a 8.9 inch 3D enabled digital display. The company has refused to disclose pricing details or the precise release date for any of the two devices in question. Many analysts have speculated that T-Mobile’s hasty announcement is mainly due to the impending release of Verizon’s iPhone. The Verizon iPhone was available for pre-order this Thursday and is set to debut in a week’s time. → Read More

Verizon to Slow Down Data Hogs


Even as wireless giant Verizon prepares to add the iPhone to its wireless network in the United States, it has announced that it will curb data transfer speeds of those subscribers who represent the top 5% bracket when it comes to data usage. The company has added that such speed curbs would only be imposed during periods of network congestion. This change in policy takes effect from Thursday and is currently applicable only to new subscribers. A number of telecom networks including T-Mobile have adopted similar measures recently. These measures are collectively referred to as “throttling” and are used to ease network congestion and reduce bandwidth costs. → Read More