Surveillance Systems – Buying Fake Security Cameras Online


Many homeowners today are installing fake security cameras as a deterrent to would be thieves. Many online stores are selling a wide variety of these dummy security cameras, with most fake cameras being very hard if not impossible to spot from a real surveillance cameras. But always keep in mind, that fake security camera only give the illusion of security. They offer no protection whatsoever if a burglar spots the camera for what it is – a fake. When deciding to purchase a camera, look for units that have a very noticeable red light function. This not only alerts a would be intruder to the presence of the ‘camera’ but also the fact that it is ‘filming’. Fake security cameras come in many variety’s, but always look to purchase one that:

  • Is appropriate for where it will be mounted. If outdoors, look for a robust surveillance camera with an all weather shielding.
  • Buy only cameras that have a real glass lens, as cheap plastic lens are a dead giveaway that the camera is a fake.
  • Buy a style of camera that suits where it will be place. Don’t buy a dome – ‘bubble’ – camera and mount on the outside of your house. It would look completely out of place and screams “fake” surveillance camera.

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