When Buying Game Consoles: What You Need To Consider


Today’s generation has been greatly defined by technology and the growing popularity of gaming consoles. These gaming consoles have captured the fascination and imagination of the general public with major players such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all gearing up to capture the biggest audience share. Nintendo leads the foray with their recent “Buy 3DS” campaign for their new Nintendo 3DS which features the use of three dimensional technology without the confines of 3d glasses.

With the strong hype circulating over the internet, gaming exhibits, forums like 3DS Buzz, and tech magazines, gaming consoles are once again thrust into the spotlight as the battle for ‘gamingdom’ ensues. As such, choosing a specific type of gaming console has become much more difficult. With so many to choose from, narrowing it down to just one becomes becomes a daunting task. Here we try to shed a light on a few tips that can make for an easy choice on which game console to buy.

  • Consider the Players – Selecting a game console highly depends on who will be playing, as each game can be more skewed towards a particular segment of gamers. Nintendo Wii for example gets a two thumbs up for it being family friendly as it offers numerous choices for kids and fitness options for adults, owed to its motion sensor interface. The Microsoft X Box and the Sony PS3 on the other hand are more in tuned to serious gamers who are looking for action and crisp graphics.

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