Egyptian Pro-Democracy Protests Aided by Social Media


The world watches in amazement as one Arab country after the other rises in revolt against the undemocratic despots that have ruled them for decades. The region-wide unrest began in the form of street demonstrations in Tunisia. The demonstrations and rioting began over issues like corruption, unemployment and free speech and led to the resignation of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali; a man who had ruled Tunisia with an iron fist for the last three decades. The success of the now-called “Jasmine Revolution” in Tunisia has prompted a similar movement in Egypt. Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have taken to the streets of Cairo and other major Egyptian cities asking President Hosni Mubarak to resign immediately. → Read More

The Return of Google’s Larry Page


Google co-founder Larry Page is a self-avowed technocrat. He loves interacting with programmers and he loves brainstorming with scientists to turn his radical ideas into reality. The recently tested experimental Google car that drives itself is a case in point. Like all technocrats, Page has an inherent dislike of the routine that comes with running any large corporation – the business meetings, the press conferences and the long hours, not to mention the politics. As Larry Page prepares to take the helm at Google; replacing long time CEO Eric Schmidt this April, it remains to be seen how well he handles the transition from technology whiz kid and visionary to a business manager in control of a large corporation. Google has gone from being a small-time college start-up to becoming the most successful internet company in history with an employee roster of 24400 employees and annual sales amounting to $29.3 billion. → Read More