What Can a Touch Screen Tablet Offer?


Touch screen tablet PC’s are the latest “fashion icon” in the computer world. They’re small, with a nice, simple, yet attractive design, offering great features for people looking for some relaxation, being extremely easy to use due to the friendly user interface. As far as I am concerned, the touch screen tablet tends to become a personal multi-media center: you can read books, surf the Internet, check the email, and of course, see a movie. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

How can they do that much? Well, each of the touch screen tablets comes with a pen to use for touching the screen. Then, they have an on-screen keyboard to use for writing, and an incorporated camera for video captures.

They are lighter than netbook tablets and they don’t have so many problems when it comes to screen sensitivity, but as I said, they are designed more for multimedia, which makes them not so good when it comes to emailing or text writing. If you are a computer geek, see it this way: touch screen tablets were not built to generate content, but rather to run it.

Some of the most well known touch screen tablets include Apple’s iPad or Asus’s EEE Pad.

Let’s take a look at both of these to see what they’re capable of:

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Swype for Android – Speed Up Your Productivity


These days the use of mobile phones is no longer limited to making calls only. If you have a smartphone you can use it as a navigational device, for browsing the internet, checking your email, for entertainment, and a host of other applications. Needless to say, many of these tasks require extensive text input. Android phone users can now use Swype to type text into their smartphones. What is Swype? Two methods of typing are very popular these days: touch (e.g. iPhones) or a physical keyboard (e.g. Blackberry). Swype is now available as a third option. It’s a revolutionary way of entering text on SMS messages, emails, documents, etc. from your touchscreen phone. This method was first made commercially available on the Samsung Omnia, a Windows mobile phone. These days Swype for Android phones is already available. In fact, the Swype typing technique is a key feature of the Android phone Motorola Droid X. → Read More