The Return of Google’s Larry Page


Google co-founder Larry Page is a self-avowed technocrat. He loves interacting with programmers and he loves brainstorming with scientists to turn his radical ideas into reality. The recently tested experimental Google car that drives itself is a case in point. Like all technocrats, Page has an inherent dislike of the routine that comes with running any large corporation – the business meetings, the press conferences and the long hours, not to mention the politics. As Larry Page prepares to take the helm at Google; replacing long time CEO Eric Schmidt this April, it remains to be seen how well he handles the transition from technology whiz kid and visionary to a business manager in control of a large corporation. Google has gone from being a small-time college start-up to becoming the most successful internet company in history with an employee roster of 24400 employees and annual sales amounting to $29.3 billion. → Read More