Samsung Free 3D TV Video on Demand Service


The launch and success experienced by 3D TV in 2010 demonstrated the potential for success of this new technology. After a splurge of big name 3D movie releases in the cinemas, it was inevitable that 3D would become a big hit in viewer’s homes also. So with a foot in the door, how is 3D TV going to build on this success? With the percentage of all TVs sold worldwide expected to rise to 50% over the next few years, where can we expect 3D TV to take us in the short term future?

Obviously consumers already have a limited amount of 3D content available to them through 3D Bluray movies and subscription 3D channels. But in order for 3D TV to take off in a big way we are going to need more 3D content to become readily available with at least some of it being free without having to subscribe to expensive premium channels.

This is a point that Samsung one of the leading promoters of 3D TV has clearly identified. Earlier in 2011 Samsung launched a free 3D video on demand service in it’s Korean homeland. The service is provided through the internet and using a 3D capable SmartApp. Samsung teamed up with Dream Works studios to provide 3D movies and trailers, as well other promotional 3D content and programming through their free 3D VOD service.

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Samsung Clarifies On Galaxy Tab Return Rate


The Samsung Galaxy Tab was the first major Android powered tablet PC to hit the market. At the time of its release, analysts expected it to offer some serious competition to the Apple iPad. Unfortunately, the mediocre sales numbers tell a different story. It is assumed that the use of the Android 2.2 mobile OS instead of the latest Android 3 “Honeycomb” OS was the major reason for lower than expected sales figures for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. One can only presume that Samsung has learnt its lesson and the forthcoming Galaxy Tab 2 will be based on the Android 3 “Honeycomb” operating system. → Read More

Kindle’s Popularity Forces Competitors to Slash Prices


The nascent but fast growing e-reader market in the United States has largely been dominated by Amazon’s Kindle since its debut back in 2007. In addition to Kindle, Apple’s multi-purpose iPad tablet and Barnes and Noble’s Nook have also made significant inroads into the e-reader space. This has made life difficult for the dozen or so newcomers in this segment. To stay in the reckoning, these companies are now offering their e-readers at a substantial discount to the established players like Kindle and Nook which are currently available at $139 and $149 respectively. Some of the most “attractive” offers are detailed below. → Read More

Samsung Enters E-Reader Market with LiquaVista Acquisition


Samsung Electronics’ recent acquisition of Liquavista will help it gain significant market share in the hot e-reader market. Netherlands based Liquavista uses its proprietary electrowetting cell technology to manufacture digital displays for all mobile devices including e-readers. Johan Feenstra, appointed CEO of Liquavista post acquisition, feels that being part of Samsung will help Liquavista’s electrowetting technology reach the global market at an accelerated pace. Liquavista was acquired by Samsung in an all-cash deal for an undisclosed amount. Liquavista’s base technological platform LiquavistaBright has led to the development of other platforms like LiquavistaColor and the latest LiquavistaVivid. → Read More