Toshiba Portable External Hard Drives Carrying Case


While the main reason people purchase Toshiba Hard Drives is portability, most of us forget the importance of keeping the device safe during travels. It is true that Toshiba has done exceptionally well in creating resilient hard drives that are able to take a lot of wearing and tearing. However, the carrying case is able to ensure that the lifespan of your external drive is significantly prolonged and that you can store it properly when it is not in use. One of the advantages the Toshiba portable case has is that it is comes in various shapes and sizes in order to account for the size and shape of your hard drive. Moreover, the design of the case can be personalized.

The standard portable carrying case is 6.1 inches wide, 4.3 inches deep and 1.6 inches wide, while only weighting about 0.19 pounds. As you can see, it can easily fit most of the popular Toshiba hard drive models on the market. However, do not let the weight fool you, as the case is constructed from resilient and rigid materials on the exterior and can absorb very powerful shocks. Placing your portable hard drive inside the case is done via the zipper, for more convenience.

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Ecommerce Web Design Tips For Business Websites


As the ecommerce industry grows richer with every passing day, the population of business websites, online stores and other forms of business in the internet has seen a significant uprising. With more people bringing in their business to the World Wide Web, the demands for progress in the field of ecommerce web design is getting tougher as well. Every business in the internet is all in contention to grab an audience and have their presence felt for more people to take notice. As we already know, the primary need of a business website are the typical ecommerce functions such as shopping carts, online payment support, etc. However, there are still a number of features that you can integrate in your website to achieve better functionality and usability. Business websites need to have these types of features to offer their viewers better navigation and information about the items they are selling.

Image Viewers:
Obviously, when you are selling a product in the internet; it is essential to show some images about that certain product. However, what these online stores get wrong is the type of images of their product. Your website needs to show the proper images of your product, in the right angles and set-up that showcases the certain item in a way that buyer would get interested in.

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Finding The Best Breathalyzer


Once you have realized the benefits of carrying and using a breathalyzer, it comes down to finding which one is right for you, or for the family member for whom you want to get one. There are many breathalyzers on the market these days, and they range in price from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.

So, the question is, how do you know which is the best breathalyzer for you and your needs, or for the needs of your family? Fortunately it really is not all that hard to figure out. The old saying that says you get what you pay for happens to be very true when it comes to hi tech devices like breathalyzers. Although you will find many breathalyzers on the market for less than $20, if you think you can use one of those to make decisions like when to drive after drinking, I am afraid you are asking for trouble.

Price point is only one factor, but in general you should expect to pay close to $100 for any breathalyzer that will be of a high enough quality and accurate enough to be trusted for actual driving decisions after drinking. On the other hand, if you just want to educate your family or friends on the affects of alcohol on their body, there are few better ways than to use a breathalyzer as a teaching device in the home. When it comes to this, there are many in the $25 to $50 range that are perfectly suited.

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Reasons To Buy A Wireless N Adapter


USB Wireless Adapters
For people who don’t speak “geek”, any talk about wireless N networks, USB adapters, and signal boosters may be a little overwhelming. While there is something to be said about the faster speeds and longer range of the new wireless N networks, that doesn’t mean that they are right for everyone.

Before you even consider purchasing a wireless n adapter, first check if your router is broadcasting a wireless G signal or a wireless N signal. Since most people have ‘G’ routers, the upgraded adapter will do you little good. And, most people would not even utilize the upgrade to ‘N’ even if they had it. Unless you watch hours of high definition TV over the internet, ‘G’ networks are just fine.

Boosting Your Router
If bad connections to your internet are what have you considering an upgrade to a wireless N network, there are other solutions to the weak signal. A wireless router signal booster will take your wireless network signal and boost it so you get a stronger connection throughout the house.

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What Can a Touch Screen Tablet Offer?


Touch screen tablet PC’s are the latest “fashion icon” in the computer world. They’re small, with a nice, simple, yet attractive design, offering great features for people looking for some relaxation, being extremely easy to use due to the friendly user interface. As far as I am concerned, the touch screen tablet tends to become a personal multi-media center: you can read books, surf the Internet, check the email, and of course, see a movie. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

How can they do that much? Well, each of the touch screen tablets comes with a pen to use for touching the screen. Then, they have an on-screen keyboard to use for writing, and an incorporated camera for video captures.

They are lighter than netbook tablets and they don’t have so many problems when it comes to screen sensitivity, but as I said, they are designed more for multimedia, which makes them not so good when it comes to emailing or text writing. If you are a computer geek, see it this way: touch screen tablets were not built to generate content, but rather to run it.

Some of the most well known touch screen tablets include Apple’s iPad or Asus’s EEE Pad.

Let’s take a look at both of these to see what they’re capable of:

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The Ease and Flexibility of SIM Free Phones


SIM free phones are the most loved mobile telephony deals in the market today and their popularity just keeps increasing. There are many reasons why people choose to go for SIM free phones rather than contract and pay as you go but on top of the list are that SIM free phones are very convenient, they are very flexible to use and there are no conditions or obligations to them.

Unlike contract phones where a user signs an agreement to use the services of a particular mobile phone service provider for a certain period of time, with SIM free phones a user is free to switch to any service they feel serve them better and can do it without hassles.

You can get any type of handset unlocked and ready to use with any SIM card from any network anywhere in the world, this just shows how flexible and available SIM free phones are. Unlike contract phones where handsets are subject to availability from your favorite mobile phone service provider, you will be able to buy any handset you want and use it with the service provider of your choice.

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Garmin 3790T Review – The Best GPS Available For You


There is no “best” GPS unit, but with a wide variety of models and drawings that are available, there could be one that is more special than others. Manufacturers such as Magellan, Mio, TomTom and Garmin are competing for the top position. As in any field of electronics, each new product is better than the older models.

Innovation is what keeps the market going, and the best GPS meets the requirements of the consumer first. Reviews of the product may give a clue to one whose elements are more interesting than others, but there will always be a certain perception of a relative involved.

The best GPS device is always full of features like Bluetooth integrated into the design, functionality, text-to-Speech, MSN Direct services and even applications for accurate speech recognition. The speed of route calculation and price are other important elements for a comparison. Also check our Garmin 3790t review.

You can have great expectations from the Garmin 1390t. Advanced Lane Assistance and address inputs are vocal aspects worthy of taking note. 3D renderings are a notable feature of the best GPS units available.

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Beating the Heat for Your Laptop


If living without your laptop computer for even the shortest amount of time and you have to take it outside in this incredible summer heat, be warned! The summer heat can wreak havoc on your laptop if you use it outside during the heat of the day for any duration. So it is always better to be safe than sorry and safeguard against possible heat damage that could compromise your laptop resulting in expensive repairs.

First, when transporting your laptop, keep it off the hot car seat and out of the direct sun coming in the windows. Be especially careful if you leave it in the car in this extreme heat. Better to keep it on the floor of the car where it is protected from direct sunlight and keep the air conditioning on.

Laptops are typically no more prone to computer failure or damage than desktop computers except for issues with their batteries. For this reason you will want to guard against overheating the unit to safeguard the batteries inside.

Always make sure the airflow vent is free and unobstructed. Some airflow vents are positioned on the bottom of the laptop exactly where it meets your knees if you are sitting with it on your lap. You will want to skew the laptop so your knee is not directly beneath the vent to keep it free and clear because it will be working very hard in the heat.

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How to Try Mobile Faxing for Free

Have you ever needed to send or receive an urgent fax but there was no fax machine within miles? What if you could fax from mobile (aka cell phone)? Good news, you can and this article explains how to try out mobile faxing for free.

Recently a new faxing solution has arisen and is steadily gaining popularity. It’s called internet faxing or email faxing, online faxing etc. Basically an internet fax service allows you to send and receive fax via the internet from your computer, laptop and yes, even from your smart phone.

Today many internet fax services also offer easy integration with computer application and cell phone apps as well. Services now provide smart phone apps that include iPhone, Blackberry and Android VoIP and Fax software. In addition these services also come with access to professional faxing services such as broadcast fax, fax alerts, fax storage and more.

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Is the i7 Sandy Bridge Laptop Good for CAD?


Many people have argued over the success of the Sandy Bridge architecture which has and is being currently developed by Intel, but the truth is that nowadays you can’t find a more powerful device than the Intel i7. With high demands on hardware, CAD programs are very hard to use on a regular device, so we will have to ask, how good is the i7 Sandy Bridge laptop for CAD?

First of all, CAD software stresses all the hardware of a computer – from CPU to RAM and graphics card, so you will have to acquire a good combination for your PC to be able to easily run CAD. If you are thinking of a netbook, then you’ve heavily undershot your budget. While netbooks are easy to carry around, the tiny Intel Atom CPU is nothing when compared to the powerful Intel i7. Try to size your budget and requirements according to your needs and remember to always check the requirements sheet of the software your are trying to run.

Second of all, in many cases an i7 Sandy Bridge laptop is one of the best products you can find on the market, but it also depends on the RAM you have. Over 4GB or RAM are required for many software products such as Inventor or SolidWorks 2011, but anything over 4GB is good for the future. The graphics card will have to come with over 1GB of dedicated RAM

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