iPhone Price Comparison: Locked vs. Unlocked


The Apple iPhone dominates the smart phone market and it seems that everybody wants to have one. It has a sleek and beautiful design, highly responsive touch screen, and cool features including multitasking, HD video, sharp display, and many more. The Apple iPhone 4G price, however, makes people have second thoughts about buying the phone. This is true especially if you want to buy the iPhone 4G without a contract. iPhone 4G Price – Contract vs. No Contract You can buy an Apple iPhone or any other mobile phone with or without a contract. A mobile phone with contract is locked to that service provider and cannot be used with another carrier. There is an advantage when you purchase a locked iPhone. The price you pay for the iPhone will be considerably lower. However, you will be required to pay a monthly fee to the service provider, irrespective of your phone usage. The duration of the contract is usually one to two years. → Read More