Samsung Galaxy S2: A Brief Review


The long awaited and first mobile phone with a dual core processor has landed on our desks here at IT Support Bristol. It’s been the talk of the office for quite some weeks now and here it is in all her slender glory. Even the box itself is stylish and sleek being black almost a cube shape. Opening the box reveals the top surface of the phone itself and it’s obvious right away that this is a sleek phone.

Lifting the phone out of the box, its impossible to see how they can fit such technology in such a thin and incredibly light package. Without the battery attached its just a very thin screen which is lovely to look at even when it hasn’t been switched on yet! When you also consider that this phone boasts an 8mb camera, 1080p High Definition video recording, a Samsung 1.2ghz dual core processor (the first if its kind for a phone), ambient lighting technology, gorilla glass, and the list goes on. It’s amazing how it all fits inside this slim product.

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What Is The Best Android Phone?


Many people are asking what the best android phone is. Unfortunately, this is a very tough question to answer because new Android phones are being released month after month. There is no definitive way to say that a particular phone is the best buy for too long. Besides, personal preferences often come into play when it comes to choosing what we think is best. Nonetheless, there are a number of Android phones that many reviewers consider to have fantastic features. For now there is only one serious contender for Apple’s iPhone operating system and that is the Android operating system which was acquired by Google in 2005. It is widely acknowledged that the iPhone is the leading smartphone today, but the manufacturers of Android phones are doing their best to topple the Apple iPhone from its number one position. The big advantage of Android phones is that they are being manufactured by the leading smartphone companies and come bundled with all the major carriers in the United States. Thus, users have a wide variety of smartphone models and carriers to choose from. → Read More

An Android 101: What is Android?


For the technologically challenged, it may be difficult to understand what Android is. Some people think it’s a phone; others think it’s a tablet PC. Actually, Android is the software that makes those electronic devices work. Android is a Linux-based operating system being used in an increasing number of today’s smartphones and other mobile devices. It was initially developed by Android Inc., but the company was acquired by Google in 2005. Google collaborated with hardware, software and telecommunication companies including Broadcom Corp., Intel, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung Electronics, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile and Texas Instruments to form the Open Handset Alliance whose goal is to develop open standards for mobile devices. On November 5, 2007 the Open Handset Alliance unveiled itself and introduced the first Android product. → Read More

Swype for Android – Speed Up Your Productivity


These days the use of mobile phones is no longer limited to making calls only. If you have a smartphone you can use it as a navigational device, for browsing the internet, checking your email, for entertainment, and a host of other applications. Needless to say, many of these tasks require extensive text input. Android phone users can now use Swype to type text into their smartphones. What is Swype? Two methods of typing are very popular these days: touch (e.g. iPhones) or a physical keyboard (e.g. Blackberry). Swype is now available as a third option. It’s a revolutionary way of entering text on SMS messages, emails, documents, etc. from your touchscreen phone. This method was first made commercially available on the Samsung Omnia, a Windows mobile phone. These days Swype for Android phones is already available. In fact, the Swype typing technique is a key feature of the Android phone Motorola Droid X. → Read More

HTC Desire Android Phone Mini Review


There are only a few high end Android phones that come with great features that can match the iPhone of Apple. One of these Android phones is the HTC Desire. This model combines beauty and performance all in one package that will make you want to buy it immediately. Most of the mobile telephone companies around the world are carrying this particular model however it is best to get this as an unlocked Android phone. One key advantage of getting this unlocked is that you can use the device under any network you want. This comes in handy if you are travelling through different countries. This touch screen phone runs android 2.1 Éclair straight out of the box however you can upgrade this easily to Android 2.2 Froyo → Read More