The Ease and Flexibility of SIM Free Phones


SIM free phones are the most loved mobile telephony deals in the market today and their popularity just keeps increasing. There are many reasons why people choose to go for SIM free phones rather than contract and pay as you go but on top of the list are that SIM free phones are very convenient, they are very flexible to use and there are no conditions or obligations to them.

Unlike contract phones where a user signs an agreement to use the services of a particular mobile phone service provider for a certain period of time, with SIM free phones a user is free to switch to any service they feel serve them better and can do it without hassles.

You can get any type of handset unlocked and ready to use with any SIM card from any network anywhere in the world, this just shows how flexible and available SIM free phones are. Unlike contract phones where handsets are subject to availability from your favorite mobile phone service provider, you will be able to buy any handset you want and use it with the service provider of your choice.

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Android Based Smartphones – Driving Prices Down


Smartphone technology is advancing rapidly, and as a result there are many more types of cell phones and smartphones available today. Practically every month more features are being added and released by the major phone manufacturers Activities such as social networking and browsing the web are common now, and soon the ability to use your phone to pay for purchases and to watch streaming video will be common as well. These features can be found on normal cell phones to some extent, but the new smartphones have additional computing capability and larger screen sizes that makes them more user friendly.

In looking for the right touch screen phone or smartphone, you pretty much have your choice of brand names. BlackBerry and Apple have been in the market a while, while the Google Android based smartphone are gaining market share rapidly. Due to Google’s release of the Android system as “open source” to any manufacturer that wants to use it, it’s sweeping its competition away in sales volume.

When shopping for a smartphone, take some time to familiarize yourself with all of the features as well as upcoming models for each of the brands, so that you know you won’t be outdated in a matter of months, while waiting out a two year contract. Fees can be high too for heavy data users on smartphones, so compare plan charges.

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Android vs iPhone – Which Smartphone?


If you’re thinking of buying a smart phone one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make is choosing between an Android phone and an iPhone. Some people may already know what they want but others will have to compare an Android vs. iPhone and see which one proves a better deal for them. Available Smartphones When comparing Android vs. iPhone, people always look at the phones available on the Android platform. iPhone often loses out on this, as there are dozens of Android phones vs. a handful of iPhone versions. Android phones include the Motorola Droid X, LG Vortex, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Hero, HTC MyTouch, and LG Optimus, to name a few. With so many choices in Android phones, consumers will be able to find a smartphone with the features they want at a price they can afford. They are not limited to a single brand. → Read More

Kyocera Echo Dual Screen Smart-Phone Now Available on Sprint


Kyocera Echo – the world’s first Android based dual-screen smart phone is now available on Sprint. Its dual-screen system helps unlock Android’s multi-tasking potential to the fullest and it is also expected to drastically alter the internet browsing experience on Android-based devices. In all single screen smart phones, users must constantly shuffle between web browsing and other internet related applications like e-mail and chat clients. This is both time-consuming and cumbersome. With its dual-screen technology, the Kyocera Echo faces no such problem; users can actually browse the internet on one screen while working with an internet related application on the other making the Echo a very powerful multi-tasking tool. → Read More

Galaxy S 4G to Debut on T-Mobile – LG G Slate Tablet Coming


U.S. network carrier T-Mobile announced the forthcoming release of the Galaxy S 4G smart phone and the G-Slate tablet on its network. The company said that Galaxy S 4G will begin shipping next month while the G-Slate tablet by LG will see a spring release. T-Mobile also volunteered some technical specifications for the G-Slate tablet by saying that it will feature a 8.9 inch 3D enabled digital display. The company has refused to disclose pricing details or the precise release date for any of the two devices in question. Many analysts have speculated that T-Mobile’s hasty announcement is mainly due to the impending release of Verizon’s iPhone. The Verizon iPhone was available for pre-order this Thursday and is set to debut in a week’s time. → Read More

Verizon to Slow Down Data Hogs


Even as wireless giant Verizon prepares to add the iPhone to its wireless network in the United States, it has announced that it will curb data transfer speeds of those subscribers who represent the top 5% bracket when it comes to data usage. The company has added that such speed curbs would only be imposed during periods of network congestion. This change in policy takes effect from Thursday and is currently applicable only to new subscribers. A number of telecom networks including T-Mobile have adopted similar measures recently. These measures are collectively referred to as “throttling” and are used to ease network congestion and reduce bandwidth costs. → Read More

Which Phone? Samsung Galaxy S, iPhone 4 or the HTC Evo 4G?


While the iPhone is often regarded as the top competitor in the smartphone game, there are plenty of other (affordable) options to consider before you drop the cash for an iPhone 4. Apple often touts the iPhone as the most revolutionary and up to date phone on the market, but like all other Apple products, the reality is that much of the competition has the same, if not better, features as the iPhone in a much lower price ranges and sometimes with better network coverage. The top competitors that make their way up against the iPhone in terms of functionality for the same, if not lower, price are the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Evo 4G. Let’s take a look at what’s available on each of them compared to Apple’s iPhone 4. → Read More