War of the Search Engines – Report Shows Microsoft’s Bing Gaining on Google


After almost a decade and a half of complete dominance, search giant Google Inc. finally seems to have met a worthy opponent in Microsoft’s Bing. A recent report published by market researcher Experian Hitwise shows that Google lost market share to Bing this January. The report also says that Bing displays more accurate results as compared to Google. Bing attracted 27% of all search queries in the U.S. this January as compared to 25% in December. In addition to Microsoft, Bing’s technology also powers Yahoo’s search engine. → Read More

The Kinect Effect – Microsoft Video Game Division Grows by 55 Percent


The extreme popularity of Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensing device has rejuvenated the company’s video game division. Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division; which handles all gaming consoles and MP3 players, had revenues amounting to $3.7 billion for the quarter ending December 2010 as compared to $2.4 billion in the same quarter last year; a solid growth of over 55 pct. Microsoft’s gaming division has faced many years of losses and sluggish growth. The recent introduction of the motion-sensing Kinect add-on for XBox 360 seems to have turned the situation on its head. → Read More