What You Need to Know: Kodak EasyShare C123 Review


For the past decade or so, there has been a massive influx in entry level digital cameras for under $100. These cameras are perfect for small children, teenagers and those looking for a quick and cheap solution to their photography needs. These sub-$100 compact cameras get the job done but because the price is so low, the manufacturers needed to cut corners. Kodak, Canon, Nikon and pretty much all the other major players in this space have a camera in this segment, but this article will be tailored around our Kodak EasyShare C123 review.

The first thing that we noticed when we got our hands on the C123 was its simplistic design. At SimpleCameraReviews.com, we are used to seeing cheap, plastic cameras that when dropped, break. This Kodak however is fairly solid, but you’re still going to have that plastic feel. This slightly bulky camera is also going to be difficult to put in a normal sized pocket, so you might want to bring a back pack or purse to store it. Your color choices include classic black and a playful blue.

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Items to Look at When Buying a Digital Photo Frame


When you begin to look for a new digital picture frame you’ll be struck by the choice that you can choose from. The truth is quite a few folks are confused by the many characteristics, display features and technical descriptions, hindering the buying process not to mention leading to uncertainty. Your task is to make some sense of all this and find a picture frame that will best suit your needs. As the price of digital frames keeps falling continuously it might pay to shop about for the very best deals — only when you have came across your ideal digital photo frame.

The appearance of the frame itself should be immensely important to you. Many neglect the fact that regardless of how many extravagant and fancy functions the digital photo frame may have, it still needs to look good enough to be on display prominently in your home. Some versions are big and bulky and quite ugly, be sure to pick a frame you consider pleasing to look at. Quite a few innovative styles are quite narrow and also have a nice modern design so look around and when purchasing on line look closely at the measurements from the products information so as to avoid any surprises when the frame arrives. You should check out the Kodak Pulse digital photo frame as an example of a great looking frame at reasonable cost.

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