How to Choose a Kids Video Camera for Your Child


Children are adventurous and love to play with gadgets. It’s possible that you have a budding filmmaker at home who is clamoring for his or her own video camera. This is not a problem because there are kids’ video cameras that are affordable, fun, durable, and easy to use. Toy companies like Mattel and Little Tikes now have digital video cameras for kids in their line of toys. For older kids, Kodak and other companies also offer camcorders designed for children. Before you go out and buy a kids’ video camera, there are a few things you have to consider when choosing a camcorder for children. Your budget is perhaps the first thing you have to think about when looking for a digital video camera for kids. Apart from this, there are other questions you must ask before purchasing a camera for your kid.

  • How old is the child? Manufacturers list an age range for each digital video camera and you want a camera in the range that fits your child. Sometimes reviewers provide age ranges different from what the manufacturers suggest. Try to find out the reason for the difference.
  • How careful is the child with his or her stuff? Some kids are careful with their stuff while others think nothing of throwing them around. If your kid handles his stuff roughly, look for a video camera that is labeled “kid tough.”
  • Is a digital camera that also takes video clips a better choice? Digital cameras are often better for young children. However, if your kid has his or her heart set on a video camera, you may have no choice but to get a camcorder.
  • How much memory is required? For very young children the video camera’s built-in memory may be sufficient. Older kids, however, may need extra memory to make longer videos.

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