High Speed Video Camera


If you’ve ever watched an episode of Time Warp then you know what a high speed video camera is used for. High speed cameras are often used in television broadcasts of major sporting events to show slow motion replays. They can also be used in science to study events that happen too fast for traditional film speeds, such as frogs jumping and the strikes of the mantis shrimp.

High speed digital video cameras can be used by engineers and researchers as a diagnostic tool to analyze high-speed processes. The camera records a series of images at very high frame rates and plays it back in slow-motion. Thus, the viewer can analyze events that happened too fast to see with the unaided eye.

How It Works

High speed video involves recording an event at a high frame rate and playing back the images more slowly. This slows down the event so you can actually see what is happening.

A standard video camera usually captures 30 frames per second. In contrast, a high speed video camera can capture motion sequences at the rate of hundreds or thousands of frames per second.

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