War of the Search Engines – Report Shows Microsoft’s Bing Gaining on Google


After almost a decade and a half of complete dominance, search giant Google Inc. finally seems to have met a worthy opponent in Microsoft’s Bing. A recent report published by market researcher Experian Hitwise shows that Google lost market share to Bing this January. The report also says that Bing displays more accurate results as compared to Google. Bing attracted 27% of all search queries in the U.S. this January as compared to 25% in December. In addition to Microsoft, Bing’s technology also powers Yahoo’s search engine. → Read More

Mozilla and Google Introduce New Browser Privacy Features


In an announcement made last Monday, both Mozilla and Google have said that they plan to introduce new browser privacy features which will allow users to decide how their browsing information is used by advertising companies. The move was prompted by a recent FCC recommendation that makes it mandatory for all browsers to have a do-not-track option available to users. The recommendation is part of the new Net neutrality rules adopted by the FCC last month. Even Microsoft has agreed to comply with the directive and has announced that the next version of its Internet Explorer browser will have the required option. → Read More

The Return of Google’s Larry Page


Google co-founder Larry Page is a self-avowed technocrat. He loves interacting with programmers and he loves brainstorming with scientists to turn his radical ideas into reality. The recently tested experimental Google car that drives itself is a case in point. Like all technocrats, Page has an inherent dislike of the routine that comes with running any large corporation – the business meetings, the press conferences and the long hours, not to mention the politics. As Larry Page prepares to take the helm at Google; replacing long time CEO Eric Schmidt this April, it remains to be seen how well he handles the transition from technology whiz kid and visionary to a business manager in control of a large corporation. Google has gone from being a small-time college start-up to becoming the most successful internet company in history with an employee roster of 24400 employees and annual sales amounting to $29.3 billion. → Read More

Google’s Android Accused of Using Oracle Java Code


Intellectual Property activist and blogger Florian Mueller has recently posted a list of 37 proprietary Sun Java code files that have been found in Google’s Android codebase. Mueller feels that Oracle will present these files as evidence of copyright infringement. Oracle has brought a copyright infringement suit against Google after it acquired Sun last year. Oracle will likely charge a licensing fee to Google if it wins the court case. Google’s Android operating system has become very popular with mobile phone manufacturers as it is open source and free of cost. As a result, a number of competing software platforms like Oracle’s Java ME and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 have consistently lost market share to Android. → Read More