The 8 Best Android Apps for Your Smartphone


In terms of mobile sales Android smartphones are now considered the new market leaders, giving Apple iPhones a run for their money. A smartphone can make your life easier, but only if it has the applications you need or want. Android apps can help you get your work done, assist you on the road, and entertain you with music, videos and games. New apps for Android phones are being developed almost every day and it won’t be long before there’s an application for almost everything. At present there are over 200,000 Android apps to choose from. The number is a long way off from Apple’s 400,000 plus apps, but developers are constantly working to turn out more applications. Google very wisely made their Android OS an open source, allowing developers and programmers all over the world to pitch in and create apps for Android devices and smartphones. Some Android apps are available for a price while others can be downloaded for free. → Read More