What You Need to Know: Kodak EasyShare C123 Review


For the past decade or so, there has been a massive influx in entry level digital cameras for under $100. These cameras are perfect for small children, teenagers and those looking for a quick and cheap solution to their photography needs. These sub-$100 compact cameras get the job done but because the price is so low, the manufacturers needed to cut corners. Kodak, Canon, Nikon and pretty much all the other major players in this space have a camera in this segment, but this article will be tailored around our Kodak EasyShare C123 review.

The first thing that we noticed when we got our hands on the C123 was its simplistic design. At SimpleCameraReviews.com, we are used to seeing cheap, plastic cameras that when dropped, break. This Kodak however is fairly solid, but you’re still going to have that plastic feel. This slightly bulky camera is also going to be difficult to put in a normal sized pocket, so you might want to bring a back pack or purse to store it. Your color choices include classic black and a playful blue.

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Ecommerce Web Design Tips For Business Websites


As the ecommerce industry grows richer with every passing day, the population of business websites, online stores and other forms of business in the internet has seen a significant uprising. With more people bringing in their business to the World Wide Web, the demands for progress in the field of ecommerce web design is getting tougher as well. Every business in the internet is all in contention to grab an audience and have their presence felt for more people to take notice. As we already know, the primary need of a business website are the typical ecommerce functions such as shopping carts, online payment support, etc. However, there are still a number of features that you can integrate in your website to achieve better functionality and usability. Business websites need to have these types of features to offer their viewers better navigation and information about the items they are selling.

Image Viewers:
Obviously, when you are selling a product in the internet; it is essential to show some images about that certain product. However, what these online stores get wrong is the type of images of their product. Your website needs to show the proper images of your product, in the right angles and set-up that showcases the certain item in a way that buyer would get interested in.

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Finding The Best Breathalyzer


Once you have realized the benefits of carrying and using a breathalyzer, it comes down to finding which one is right for you, or for the family member for whom you want to get one. There are many breathalyzers on the market these days, and they range in price from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.

So, the question is, how do you know which is the best breathalyzer for you and your needs, or for the needs of your family? Fortunately it really is not all that hard to figure out. The old saying that says you get what you pay for happens to be very true when it comes to hi tech devices like breathalyzers. Although you will find many breathalyzers on the market for less than $20, if you think you can use one of those to make decisions like when to drive after drinking, I am afraid you are asking for trouble.

Price point is only one factor, but in general you should expect to pay close to $100 for any breathalyzer that will be of a high enough quality and accurate enough to be trusted for actual driving decisions after drinking. On the other hand, if you just want to educate your family or friends on the affects of alcohol on their body, there are few better ways than to use a breathalyzer as a teaching device in the home. When it comes to this, there are many in the $25 to $50 range that are perfectly suited.

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Garmin 3790T Review – The Best GPS Available For You


There is no “best” GPS unit, but with a wide variety of models and drawings that are available, there could be one that is more special than others. Manufacturers such as Magellan, Mio, TomTom and Garmin are competing for the top position. As in any field of electronics, each new product is better than the older models.

Innovation is what keeps the market going, and the best GPS meets the requirements of the consumer first. Reviews of the product may give a clue to one whose elements are more interesting than others, but there will always be a certain perception of a relative involved.

The best GPS device is always full of features like Bluetooth integrated into the design, functionality, text-to-Speech, MSN Direct services and even applications for accurate speech recognition. The speed of route calculation and price are other important elements for a comparison. Also check our Garmin 3790t review.

You can have great expectations from the Garmin 1390t. Advanced Lane Assistance and address inputs are vocal aspects worthy of taking note. 3D renderings are a notable feature of the best GPS units available.

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How to Try Mobile Faxing for Free

Have you ever needed to send or receive an urgent fax but there was no fax machine within miles? What if you could fax from mobile (aka cell phone)? Good news, you can and this article explains how to try out mobile faxing for free.

Recently a new faxing solution has arisen and is steadily gaining popularity. It’s called internet faxing or email faxing, online faxing etc. Basically an internet fax service allows you to send and receive fax via the internet from your computer, laptop and yes, even from your smart phone.

Today many internet fax services also offer easy integration with computer application and cell phone apps as well. Services now provide smart phone apps that include iPhone, Blackberry and Android VoIP and Fax software. In addition these services also come with access to professional faxing services such as broadcast fax, fax alerts, fax storage and more.

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Benefits And Usage Of Video Conferencing

With the assistance from video conferencing you can communicate with your friend, colleague and family members in complete audio and video format as per your liking without any technical impediments. However, you need to make it certain that the entire units are in proper working order so that you can converse effectively without any obstructions. Video conferencing can be effectively utilized in several diverse mediums without any problems. Therefore, this latest technology is extremely popular all over the globe due to its useful features. It can really save a lot of time, effort and money if you use video conferencing in the most flawless manner. General utilizations of video conferencing involve trade meetings, educational preparation and partnership with health officers along with other private and government representatives. At the same time, video conferencing can also be utilized in telecommunications, telemedicine, armed forces, security, education, supervision, disaster response, scientific labs, IT, transport and several other mediums.

However, the biggest advantage of video conferencing is that it enables you to communicate with your acquaintance or family members even though they may be living in the remotest corner of this world without any impediments. At the same time, you don’t need to spend on travelling and any other related expenses connected with face to face conversation. Trade meetings, scientific meetings, educational summits, healthcare summits, telecommunication conferences and other meetings can be easily executed with the assistance from video conferencing.

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Reasons Why to Use Wireless Charging Pads


If you are the type of person that loves to collect various kinds of electronic gadgets, one of the most common problems you must have encountered is charging them all at the same time using different chargers. This can be difficult because you have to deal with different wires getting tangled leaving your home or office very messy. This can be one of the reasons why you must get a wireless charging pad.

A wireless charging pad is a device that conducts electromagnetic fields to power up different electronic gadgets. Instead of using different chargers for your electronic gadgets, having a charging pad is more convenient. No need to worry about messy tangled wires because you can charge various electronic gadgets at the same time. Aside from that, wireless charging pads can be used even if you are travelling, so you do not have to worry running out of battery in the middle of your travel.

Most wireless charging pads can charge any electronic device nowadays. So if you own different electronic devices, you can use a wireless charging pad to charge any of them.

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Generation Y – To Become a Generation of Deaf People?


Will those of Generation Y, bought up on the ubiquitous use of devices with headphones/earphones attached such as mp3 players, mobile phones and immersive gaming and such, become a generation of deaf people over the next few decades? It’s been noted by medical researchers that with the exception of using the best studio headphones, most headphones or ear buds end up being used too much and cause subtle damage to the bodies auditory system.

The best xBox 360 headset, used for three hours a day, will generate enough sound to help you into the realm of ‘you are deaf/hard of hearing, congratulations’ very, very quickly if you have it up too loud.

Contrary to popular opinion, going deaf is not an inherent part of getting old. Scientists studying native tribes in the Amazon have repeatedly discovered that their ears are completely functional and they have what could be considered ‘normal’ hearing–all the way up until they are ninety years old.

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Is it Possible to Download Free Maps for Garmin GPS Devices?


Readers of our blog often ask us if it is possible to download free Garmin map updates for their in-car Nuvi GPS. The answer is a resounding yes, and in this article we shall tell you how you can get free maps for Garmin GPS devices.

The most popular Garmin Nuvi products over the last few years have been their Nuvi 255w and 205 models and both will be susceptible to have out of date routes and directions on if you don’t update the GPS maps at least once a year.

How Can I Download Free Maps for Garmin GPS?

Quite simply, you just need to register your Garmin Nuvi on the myGarmin software downloads website. This is an official service by Garmin that lets their customers get additional and useful content for their Nuvi GPS including mapping, support, and software upgrades.

If you have a free map update available on your account then you can find out under the “Mapping” tab once registered and logged in.

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Choosing The Best 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones


If you are an avid music movie or gaming fan chances are you will want a good set of immersive headphones. And when it comes to immersion there is perhaps nothing better than having the best 7.1 surround sound headphones around your ears. But just how do you select the best? Sit back and consider the following in your choice:

The first consideration is sound quality. 7.1 surround sound headphones are meant to be the most immersive of them all and so you have to be able to listen to the directionality of sound quite accurately. In other words you should sense the sound as coming from somewhere in the room just like in real life. You can do this best by evaluating them through headphone test CDs and listening to the so-called pink noise slow spectrum sweeps and chromatic scales. You can also try a sample movie clip and check for the mapping quality of your headphones.

Of course if you do not know how to do these things or do not want to spend the time and effort for such testing then you can simply go for trusted brands try them out with some of your favorite songs and then go from there.

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