How to Try Mobile Faxing for Free

Have you ever needed to send or receive an urgent fax but there was no fax machine within miles? What if you could fax from mobile (aka cell phone)? Good news, you can and this article explains how to try out mobile faxing for free.

Recently a new faxing solution has arisen and is steadily gaining popularity. It’s called internet faxing or email faxing, online faxing etc. Basically an internet fax service allows you to send and receive fax via the internet from your computer, laptop and yes, even from your smart phone.

Today many internet fax services also offer easy integration with computer application and cell phone apps as well. Services now provide smart phone apps that include iPhone, Blackberry and Android VoIP and Fax software. In addition these services also come with access to professional faxing services such as broadcast fax, fax alerts, fax storage and more.

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