Accessories List for Digital DJ’s


DJ’ing used to be rather simple. Two turntables, decent headphones and a crate of vinyl records — if you could mix music, you could get a gig. But simplicity has been overtaken by complexity as the age of digital DJ’ing is fully in swing. Now there are numerous options and setups available; this list will cover some fundamental accessories for digital DJ’s.

At the head of the list is, you guessed it, a computer. Fortunately anything purchased in the last couple of years is probably capable of working with your software and hardware, but definitely make sure to cross check your specs against what the software manufacturer recommends. The most important thing you must have is a big hard drive with a LOT of extra free space and more RAM than they suggest. These are always safe bets for using digital mixing software.

Next, is obviously the best DJ software your budget allows.

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