Choosing The Best Digital Camcorders

Digital camcorders are one of the most popular video recorders on the market today. These electronic devices are highly reliable and innovative when it comes to capturing and preserving memories. You can use these on your personal as well as professional life. The latest technological advances in video recording led to an influx of digital camcorders on the market today. Due to this mass distribution, it is often difficult to determine which camera best suits your needs In this consumer guide, you will learn the necessary steps in choosing the best digital camcorders for your specific needs.

When choosing a digital camcorder, the first factor you should consider is the purpose of the device. Whether it’s for personal or professional use,, there are many different features and functions associated with digital camcorders. By knowing what you need before making a purchase, you will be more inclined to look for a device that has the characteristics and the overall level of functionality that suits your needs. For example, if you are interested in buying a digital recording device that you can use to shoot just random events that occur in your life, a basic system can work. However, if you are like a professional paranormal investigator, you want to select a camera with features such as night vision and built-in lighting units. A good option would be the best DSLR for video.

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What You Need to Know: Kodak EasyShare C123 Review


For the past decade or so, there has been a massive influx in entry level digital cameras for under $100. These cameras are perfect for small children, teenagers and those looking for a quick and cheap solution to their photography needs. These sub-$100 compact cameras get the job done but because the price is so low, the manufacturers needed to cut corners. Kodak, Canon, Nikon and pretty much all the other major players in this space have a camera in this segment, but this article will be tailored around our Kodak EasyShare C123 review.

The first thing that we noticed when we got our hands on the C123 was its simplistic design. At, we are used to seeing cheap, plastic cameras that when dropped, break. This Kodak however is fairly solid, but you’re still going to have that plastic feel. This slightly bulky camera is also going to be difficult to put in a normal sized pocket, so you might want to bring a back pack or purse to store it. Your color choices include classic black and a playful blue.

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Digital Cameras: Rechargeable Batteries


For many people when they are buying a digital camera, they do not think about the batteries that the camera is going to take in order to run properly. However, this is something that should be considered. Most of the cameras today are using rechargeable batteries that is going to allow the person to avoid having to buy batteries every time that they turn around. However, there are still those that use the regular batteries. Which is better? Most people answer that the rechargeable batteries are going to allow the person to save money in the long, while also reducing the amount of waste that they put into the landfills each year, and this is right. Therefore, even with those cameras that come with standard batteries, the person should consider the rechargeable batteries that are out there since standard batteries tend to last only a week at a time in a camera that is used a lot.

The rechargeable batteries that people buy to put into their camera are called NiMh AA batteries. These are going to require that the person purchase a separate charger that usually plugs into an electric outlet. The person will find that this charger only costs around twenty dollars or so.

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Canon VIXIA HF S200 Full HD Flash Memory Camcorder & Pro Manual Control Review


Video hobbyists and pros looking for a portable full HD video camera will find what they are looking for in the Canon VIXIA HF S200 Full HD Flash Memory Camcorder. It comes with Pro Manual Control and is the cheapest of Canon’s line of consumer flash memory HD camcorders.

Although it is the most affordable of Canon’s line of flash memory video cameras, the VIXIA HF S200 does not come cheap with its price tag of about $650. However, many customers are more than happy with this camcorder, awarding it an average of 4-1/2 stars. There are many positive comments from customers about the quality of the videos, improved sound, sharp images, and vibrant colors. The two memory card slots allow more video recording time. The HF S200 is also loaded with amazing features.

The biggest drawback, according to many customers, is the poor touchscreen interface. Some customers also look for a wider-angle lens and bigger sensor to further improve recording quality in low-light conditions.

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The Best Basic Digital Camera – Canon PowerShot S95


If you’re looking for a basic digital camera and have been searching online for the best beginner digital camera, then read on.

I recently helped my mom purchase her next digital camera due to the fact she was so unhappy with her previous digital camera, a Sony. After comparing quite a number of different models and brands I settled on the Canon PowerShot S95, which turns out to be an excellent digital camera for my mum’s purposes. Here’s a few brief points on why I decided upon the Canon S95 as the best digital camera in this situation.

  • Controls were the number one reason I recommend this digital camera. They’re nicely outlined and clear, believe it or not I never had to browse the manual on this camera and truly did not need to. This is one of the highlights of Canon’s digital cameras, the camera is intuitive to use and very user friendly. The functions are laid out in grid format system with big icons making it a breeze to locate any options you may wish to change for a particular shot.

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