Get Fit in the New Year with the York C302 Cycle

The New Year is coming and for millions of people around the World this is a time to reflect upon the last 12 months and set some New Years resolutions for 2012. Many people will look to get fitter and healthier in the new year, and one way to achieve those goals and ambitions is to use a home-based exercise bike. But which one should you choose?

The York C302 Cycle comes highly recommended and should be on the Christmas list for anyone who is serious about their fitness and who really has the motivation to change. Below are just a few of the highlights and reasons that you should consider purchasing this awesome exercise bike.

First Impressions of the York C302 Cycle

When it first arrives in the post you might be a little daunted by the instructions and manual. Make no mistake, this is a very feature rich exercise bike and will require quite a bit of learning to get the best from it. Put aside at least an hour to assemble it and then another couple of hours in which to fully read the manual and get to grips with everything that it does. You won’t be disappointed once it’s ready to use though – and here’s why.

Silent Operation and Smooth Cycling Action

Worried that you might disturb everyone else in your house? Then don’t be. The York C302 Cycle is almost silent to operate and when coupled with a smooth riding style, you can be assured that you can exercise in quiet. Perhaps you want to watch TV as you pedal? No problem, as the York exercise bike can be set up in the lounge and used for hours with no discernible noise levels or interruptions.

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