8 Cool iPhone Apps – Worth a Second Look


Now that you have your iPhone there’s no doubt you take every chance to flaunt it. After all, it’s not something everybody has. But haven’t you forgotten something? Did you remember to download the latest cool iPhone apps? They don’t call it a smart phone for nothing, but you do realize that it’s the apps you have on your iPhone that makes it a cool gadget. How else can you surf the net, tweet, listen to music, find the nearest restaurant or do a million and one tasks without cool apps for your iPhone? If you don’t know where to start, check out the iPhone apps listed below. While you may have to pay for many of these apps, some of them can be yours for free. Now, how cool is that? HeyWay Do you want to let someone know where you are? HeyWay is a GPS tracker that locates your current location and sends it to a friend’s phone. You don’t have to keep the GPS running all the time, saving battery life to some extent. 211me’s “Virtual Business Cards” If you’re tired of bringing business cards with you, 211me’s paperless business cards may be exactly what you need. With this cool iPhone app, you can design and generate your own business cards, flyers and promotions designed for mobile phones. You can even share these flyers and business cards on Facebook and Friendster. → Read More