3 Photography Tips For Beginners


When you are just getting started in photography the amount of information available can be so overwhelming you don’t even know where to start. Even a lot of the photography for beginners books out there over complicate things to much. In order to help you cut through all the useless information we’ve put together a list of photography tips for beginners. Instead of even making a list of 8, 10 or 20 we are going to keep it short and sweet with our top 3 tips. Don’t be afraid to just try – When people start out doing anything new they are afraid of doing something wrong or looking funny. With photography you need to look past that and just try. The more you experiment the quicker you’ll learn and the better photos you’ll get. Trust me, I was a beginner once and this tip alone was amazing. Read the manual – I know this one sucks, but part of taking good photos is knowing how your camera works and how to change the setting to achieve the photos you want. Familiarizing yourself with the terms in the manual will help you understand when people try and explain how they took a certain photo. → Read More