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Laptops and the Economy of Scale

The sales in the laptops have been increasing more than 60% per year continuously for the past 4-5 years. In the mean while the cost of the laptops has decreased continuously in the same time period, with even laptops costing below 200 dollars available from branded laptop manufacturers and distributors. This reminds me of the famous and most common principle in economics: The economy of scale.

For those who do not know, “the economy of scale”. The economy of scale is the cost advantages that are obtained due to expansion. Henry Ford was the first to use this strategy in a large scale when he wanted every man to have his own personal car. Now how does it apply for a laptop?

A laptop as we can know consists of various key parts: The Processor, The memory, the mother board and the outer case including the body, keyboards etc. Out of these, the processor primarily manufactured by Intel, the memory and the motherboard are capital intensive whose per unit cost would reduce considerably if the number of units increases. Whereas the other parts will have a significant variable cost component in it and may not decrease so much. Thus with increase in units manufactured, the cost of these components (The processor, the motherboard, the memory) will decrease thus decreasing the cost of the laptop. Perhaps, now you can speculate the reason why you can get netbooks costing below 200 dollars which is branded and good.

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Finding a Good Cross Cut Paper Shredder

If you want to be secure, you should consider purchasing a cross cut paper shredder. This type of shredder can be used at home or in the office, and it will help you to protect your identity. When it comes to financial and personal security, you want to shred anything that has your name and address on it, and you especially want to shred anything that has any financial information on it like credit card numbers or bank account numbers.

What is Cross Cut?

A cross cut shredder is the best shredder that you can buy for your money. It cuts the paper into rectangular or diamond shaped pieces, and it is more secure than strip cut shredders which shred paper into long strips. If someone really wanted to, they could take these strips and reassemble them. It is much harder to reassemble paper that has gone through a cross cut paper shredder. While there are more secure shredders, they are often much more expensive, and a good cross cut shredder or particle cut shredder is usually sufficient for most individuals and businesses.

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Buying a Honda Navigation Update for Your Civic

If you have bought a Honda Civic over the last couple of years and opted to have, or it already had, a Honda Navigation System built-in to the dashboard then you might occasionally experience the GPS getting lost. This is down to the fact that a GPS device is only as good as the maps loaded onto it, and for Honda car drivers that means you need to purchase Honda map updates at every year to keep completely current.

Thankfully it’s very easy to buy a Honda Navigation Update, and the new mapping software comes on DVD and is available online from the official Honda navigation store. Once you’ve received your new GPS disc you will need to install the new maps – and this is how you do that:

Installing a Honda Navigation Update Disc

  1. Turn on the ignition in your Honda Civic – please note, do not turn the car or GPS device off during the install process.
  2. Eject your existing Honda Navigation DVD and insert the new one.
  3. Wait for an onscreen prompt which will ask you to enter your unique authentication code – you can find this on the DVD case.
  4. The new map updates will now install – be aware this could take anything up to an hour to complete.

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Choosing The Best Digital Camcorders

Digital camcorders are one of the most popular video recorders on the market today. These electronic devices are highly reliable and innovative when it comes to capturing and preserving memories. You can use these on your personal as well as professional life. The latest technological advances in video recording led to an influx of digital camcorders on the market today. Due to this mass distribution, it is often difficult to determine which camera best suits your needs In this consumer guide, you will learn the necessary steps in choosing the best digital camcorders for your specific needs.

When choosing a digital camcorder, the first factor you should consider is the purpose of the device. Whether it’s for personal or professional use,, there are many different features and functions associated with digital camcorders. By knowing what you need before making a purchase, you will be more inclined to look for a device that has the characteristics and the overall level of functionality that suits your needs. For example, if you are interested in buying a digital recording device that you can use to shoot just random events that occur in your life, a basic system can work. However, if you are like a professional paranormal investigator, you want to select a camera with features such as night vision and built-in lighting units. A good option would be the best DSLR for video.

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Get Fit in the New Year with the York C302 Cycle

The New Year is coming and for millions of people around the World this is a time to reflect upon the last 12 months and set some New Years resolutions for 2012. Many people will look to get fitter and healthier in the new year, and one way to achieve those goals and ambitions is to use a home-based exercise bike. But which one should you choose?

The York C302 Cycle comes highly recommended and should be on the Christmas list for anyone who is serious about their fitness and who really has the motivation to change. Below are just a few of the highlights and reasons that you should consider purchasing this awesome exercise bike.

First Impressions of the York C302 Cycle

When it first arrives in the post you might be a little daunted by the instructions and manual. Make no mistake, this is a very feature rich exercise bike and will require quite a bit of learning to get the best from it. Put aside at least an hour to assemble it and then another couple of hours in which to fully read the manual and get to grips with everything that it does. You won’t be disappointed once it’s ready to use though – and here’s why.

Silent Operation and Smooth Cycling Action

Worried that you might disturb everyone else in your house? Then don’t be. The York C302 Cycle is almost silent to operate and when coupled with a smooth riding style, you can be assured that you can exercise in quiet. Perhaps you want to watch TV as you pedal? No problem, as the York exercise bike can be set up in the lounge and used for hours with no discernible noise levels or interruptions.

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Get Into Home Karaoke with the Memorex Singstand


Whether you are new to karaoke or a veteran looking for something exciting, Memorex has the product for you and your home. Most people associate karaoke machines with boxy designs that harkens back to a day when the hobby was a lot cheesier. But karaoke is here to stay and it’s becoming a regular part of celebrations or recreation time like never before. Modern technology is headed in an exciting new direction and the Memorex Singstand is one of the first generation of machines that incorporate iPod technology. It’s the perfect blend of traditional karaoke fun with modern ways that music can be administered today. It has an extremely reasonable price tag that will make it a perfect choice for a gift, or treat yourself if you simply can’t get enough singing at home.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Singstand is its rather unusual presentation and design. It doesn’t look like a karaoke machine because in a way, it’s not. It follows a microphone design model where the speakers are attached to the base. The microphone extends up and the top is where you can accommodate your favorite iPod or MP3 player. It’s a rather sleek package that will definitely draw attention wherever you choose to place it in your home entertainment room. Anybody who sees it will definitely wonder what it is, and that will make a perfect chance for you to show off its musical power.

You might not think that the sound would be all that impressive since the speakers are located in a relatively confined space along the floor. But all you have to do is turn up the volume and you’ll get a perfect blend of music and vocals that will fill your room with no problem. Of course you also have the option of attaching the system to an exterior set of speakers or home entertainment set up. This will effectively boost the sound potential using whatever equipment you already own. One problem associated with some karaoke machines is a disproportionate focus on either the music track or vocals. You won’t experience that with the Singstand, and in part is due to the fact you’ll be using your iPod for background music.

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Projectors Are The Best Choice For Your Home Theater


Projectors have come a long way in recent years. Although there was a time when projectors were expensive to maintain and operate- that time comes to an end and and now home projectors are both affordable and provide the best viewing experience for the owner.

One of the great things about buying a projector is that prices have fallen significantly in recent years. Compared to other TVs, the cost per inch for the projector is extremely cheap. Once you start getting up to 50-inch mark you will start paying a good deal for all LCD and plasma TVs, so that in this respect, having a projector can be the most cost-effective for a large screen as possible. You also have the advantage of having an acoustically invisible, when you have a projector. Where having a large flat-screen TV can interfere with sound waves, there is nothing to prevent the wireless stereo speakers when it comes to projectors. Optoma home theater projectors are a good option if you want portability.

One of the questions that you might be concerned about is that you are thinking you have to have total or near total darkness to be able to actually see the image. While this may seem an obstacle, they really are the best way to repeat the theater. Even with a flat screen TV, tend to want to have a dark room you can avoid the light pollution of the screen. So while it may seem that the inconvenience will have to watch your movies in the dark, it has some advantages and make the most of the theater like experience, which can be at home.

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Update Your Honda Civic or Accord’s GPS with the New Honda Navigation DVD 2012


Some of the most popular and reliable models of cars in the United States and Europe are the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord. Many people opt to purchase pre-installed GPS systems when buying these cars – which ultimately saves them on the cost of buying a standalone Garmin or TomTom unit. Whilst this might save them money initially, it will mean that to download new map updates for the in-dash car navigation will a bit trickier than would be with a traditional GPS standalone system.

This is the case with Honda GPS updates, however they have tried to make things easier by making their new GPS map updates available annually – all a Honda owner needs to do is to purchase the latest Honda Navigation DVD from their Honda dealer, which can then be installed into the car dash GPS.

The most recent Honda GPS update is the Honda Navigation DVD 2012 which was released in September of this year. It contains all the latest routes and directions and means that Honda drivers need not fear driving down new roads or into strange and unfamiliar cities – because any changes to the nation’s roads will be on the new Honda GPS DVD which is available to purchase now.

From a cost perspective this is the only way in which someone who drives an Accord or Civic can update their GPS maps

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MSI GT683R – Presenting Your New Game Partner


For those of you who love gaming and are looking for the perfect laptop to make it your game partner, your search has come to an end because the MSI GT683R was created with this exact purpose. Of course you want a powerful partner in your gaming journeys, someone you can rely on blindly, and who will not disappoint you. Yes! The new release from MSI does all that because it features the power of an Intel Core i7 2630 processor and the support of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M graphics.

Nothing at this laptop can be categorized as being usual. The entire design of the GT683R was based on LEDs: on the exterior of the lid we find a LED strip at the bottom, left and right side, but also in the middle the backlit MSI logo smiles back at you. When the lid is opened, we find a surprising design with 2 round speakers, one in every upper corner above the chiclet style keyboard, a multitouch touchpad framed by metal strips, and an extra line of sensitive buttons above the keyboard for fast access at: Bluetooth, Dynamic LED, Cooler Booster and others.

Any respectable laptop designed for gaming has to offer great performance and awesome graphics for you to be able to enjoy all those latest games.

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