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    Drupad Kanakia


    Tech Bubble Fears Emerge as Companies Offer Billions for Twitter


    Microblogging site Twitter has emerged as one of the most popular social media websites on the internet. In its short lifespan, Twitter has managed to acquire over 200 million registered users. This and the general popularity of social media websites has made Twitter a prime take-over target. Companies like Google and Facebook have shown more than a passing interest in acquiring Twitter and reports suggest that the price they are willing to pay gives Twitter a valuation in the region of $8-10 billion. A $10 billion valuation for a loss-making company with only $45 million in revenues reminds one of the dotcom bubble in the late nineties which was characterized by a frenzy to acquire loss-making and low turnover internet companies at illogical and absurd valuations. → Read More

    Facebook Co-founder Raises $10 Million for ‘Asana’


    Two years ago, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and fellow colleague Justin Rosenstein left Facebook to develop their own business collaboration software. The result is “Asana” – a software package that revolutionizes all aspects of business collaboration. Asana was recently displayed by the duo at an open house event for close associates. Asana is currently in private-beta and the final release date hasn’t been announced yet. Asana has raised over $10 million from a number of angel investors and will probably see an official release later this year. Asana aims to improve the way in which people work together while cutting costs and saving time. Asana is the latest in a series of successful software applications developed by ex-Facebook employees like Quora and Path. → Read More

    Kyocera Echo Dual Screen Smart-Phone Now Available on Sprint


    Kyocera Echo – the world’s first Android based dual-screen smart phone is now available on Sprint. Its dual-screen system helps unlock Android’s multi-tasking potential to the fullest and it is also expected to drastically alter the internet browsing experience on Android-based devices. In all single screen smart phones, users must constantly shuffle between web browsing and other internet related applications like e-mail and chat clients. This is both time-consuming and cumbersome. With its dual-screen technology, the Kyocera Echo faces no such problem; users can actually browse the internet on one screen while working with an internet related application on the other making the Echo a very powerful multi-tasking tool. → Read More

    Egyptian Pro-Democracy Protests Aided by Social Media


    The world watches in amazement as one Arab country after the other rises in revolt against the undemocratic despots that have ruled them for decades. The region-wide unrest began in the form of street demonstrations in Tunisia. The demonstrations and rioting began over issues like corruption, unemployment and free speech and led to the resignation of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali; a man who had ruled Tunisia with an iron fist for the last three decades. The success of the now-called “Jasmine Revolution” in Tunisia has prompted a similar movement in Egypt. Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have taken to the streets of Cairo and other major Egyptian cities asking President Hosni Mubarak to resign immediately. → Read More

    ‘The Daily’ Makes History – First Digital Newspaper for Tablets


    Media mogul Rupert Murdoch made history last Wednesday by flagging off “The Daily”; News Corp.’s iPad centric digital daily. Addressing an audience of reporters, media executives, employees and advertising partners at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, Murdoch stated that “New times demand new journalism;” an indication of the new venture’s importance to News Corp. The Daily is the first tablet centric newspaper in the world. It will be available as an iPad application and will cost subscribers 99 cents a week or $40 a year. → Read More

    Amazon Set to Rival Netflix with Online Movie Service


    Amazon will soon become a serious competitor to Netflix’s online movie rental service. Sources suggest that the world’s biggest online retailer is in discussions with a number of movie studios about acquiring content for setting up an online movie streaming service similar to Netflix. Sources added that is yet to conclude negotiations with big Hollywood studios even as it has already acquired rights for a number of independent movies. Initially, Amazon was looking at a mid-February release for the service but the date was postponed by the company in order to rectify technical problems and acquire additional movie rights. As of today, there is no clarity on when the service will actually be released. → Read More

    Google Breaks Record – 75000 Job Applications in One Week


    Google Inc. reinforced its position as one of the best employers in the world as it received over 75000 job applications worldwide in a single week. The number of job applications bettered a previous record set in May 2007 by over 15%. In an announcement made last week, California based Google Inc. declared its intent of adding more than 6000 employees to its 24400 strong workforce in 2011. Google has decided to increase its headcount as it aggressively pushes into mobile services, internet applications and mobile advertising. The company claims that it will hire more workers in 2011 than it has ever hired in a single year before. → Read More

    Samsung Clarifies On Galaxy Tab Return Rate


    The Samsung Galaxy Tab was the first major Android powered tablet PC to hit the market. At the time of its release, analysts expected it to offer some serious competition to the Apple iPad. Unfortunately, the mediocre sales numbers tell a different story. It is assumed that the use of the Android 2.2 mobile OS instead of the latest Android 3 “Honeycomb” OS was the major reason for lower than expected sales figures for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. One can only presume that Samsung has learnt its lesson and the forthcoming Galaxy Tab 2 will be based on the Android 3 “Honeycomb” operating system. → Read More

    Google Releases Android 3.0 Platform Highlights


    Some good news for all you Android fans out there; Google has come out with a list of technical specifications and features that will be included in its upcoming Android 3 “Honeycomb” mobile operating system. Google’s announcement comes even as a number of Android 3 powered tablets like the Motorola Xoom are about to be released shortly. Google has designed the Android 3 OS to take on the highly anticipated iPad 2 tablet which runs on Apple’s iOS operating system. The Android 3 will come equipped with a holographic interface and a Chrome-like web browser. According to Google’s official statement, “The new UI brings fresh paradigms for interaction, navigation and customization and makes them available to all applications — even those built for earlier versions of the platform.” → Read More

    The Newbie Guide to Microsoft Kinect Hacks


    The Kinect is a motion sensing 3D camera developed by Microsoft for its Xbox 360 gaming console. Kinect lets a user interact with the console without even touching the joystick. The $150 Kinect is Microsoft’s answer to Nintendo’s Wii Remote Plus and Sony’s PlayStation Move. A number of Xbox 360 titles are already compatible with the Kinect and this number is set to increase significantly in the near future. Microsoft’s Kinect has also caught the attention of the hacker community. The Kinect comes with 2 cameras that can be used to make a 3D map of anything that the cameras are focused on. Hackers have managed to transfer these 3D maps to computers and manipulate the data for some very interesting results. → Read More