Free Cell Phone Tracking Software – Putting it to Work


There are several different versions of free cell phone tracking software out there. Some of these claim to be free but actually come with a nominal monthly fee attached to using their services. However, whether you have cell phone tracking software that is free or you use a service which is provided by your carrier, it is one of the best tools you will ever have at your finger tips. There are many reasons cell phone tracking is advantageous. This application can be used for a variety of purposes.

Can All Cell Phones Be Tracked?

Now that we’ve discussed the fact that cell phone tracking is possible, let us look at the which cell phones can be tracked and why. First, it is important to point out that not all cell phone tracking applications require the use of a smart phone. Just about all Sprint and Nextel phones can be tracked through the cell phone’s network, rather than using the GPS satellites which are typically used in cell phone tracking. This means that Sprint and Nextel users may be able to use the network’s locator services without having to own a smart phone.

Types of Cell Phone Tracking Applications Available

All smart phones have some sort of cell phone tracking software and service that is compatible with them. Some of these services are free and some are not. Most cell phone tracking software is windows based and can be used not only from your home computer or laptop but also from your smart phone. The basic premise is that the software runs at all times on the cell phone you are tracking. Most cell phone tracking software will work on just about any smart phone you have, whether it is an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or any other variation. In addition, there are also GPS tracking software applications that can be installed on laptops, notebooks and a number of other devices.

Tracking Your Kids

There was a time when parents had to wonder throughout the day where their kids were. They were faced with a couple of options. One option was to keep the kids home at all times or go with them everywhere, as that is unrealistic, especially when the teen years come into play, the second option was what they were left with.

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Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps – Not Just for Geeks

Free Cell Phone Tracker for Android & iPhone

As soon as I added “take-out” delivery to the list of services my rapidly expanding restaurant and catering business provides, I decided to buy my first smartphone, a HTC Sensation. I was like a kid in candy store when it came to installing any of the 1000’s of free apps available from the Android Marketplace.

Of all the apps, the most useful to me, both in business, and as a family man, was a free cell phone tracker app, in this instance the Real Time GPS Tracker. Not only is it a locator for my phone if lost or stolen, but as a personal application it allows me to keep track of my kids, and for business purposes, keeps me informed of the whereabouts of my restaurants delivery drivers. This app is true a hidden gem in my opinion, and I highly recommend it.

Tracking the Kids

Like any parents, my wife and I are always concerned for the safety of our kids, especially when they’re out at night with friends. From an early age they’ve each had their own cell phone, so that we could contact each other if needed. Since I installed the free tracker app on their phones, I feel it has given us that added layer of protection in keeping tabs on the kids. They now don’t need to call to tell us where they are as we can monitor their location remotely. And yes, I know some parents will think this is intrusive, but really, in this day and age you can’t be too careful. Our kids understand our concerns, and are happy to have the app installed, as they also feel safe in that if something goes wrong, we know where to find them quickly.

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Text Stop Android App – Stop Your Kids Texting While Driving


When their teenage children are off with friends, doing what teenagers do, most parents experience some anxiety as to their chills well being. Some parents have gone as far as installing cell phones trackers/locators to help keep tabs on the teenagers whereabouts, without being overly intrusive.

The other major concern of parents is when the teenagers are in a vehicle, whether as the driver or a passenger. And rightly so, as car accidents involving teens makes up a disproportionate percentage of total motor vehicle deaths and injuries.

A major cause of all accidents, over 80% in fact, is caused by driver distraction. One of those major causes of distractions is the use of cell phones while driving, especially sending SMS messages, or Texting as it’s more commonly called.

This distraction caused by the use of cell phones, has caused an alarming increase in the road toll in the U.S and other western countries, so much so that 34 U.S. states have now legislated to ban the use of mobile phones altogether whilst a person is in control of a vehicle.

Combating Cell Phone Distraction While Driving

Recently, a company based in California has released an app for the Android market that once installed on a phone, will prevent the use of the phone for texting in any vehicle moving faster then 10mph (17kmh). This is all accomplished by using GPS tracking, which monitors the vehicles position second by second.

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The 8 Best Android Apps for Your Smartphone


In terms of mobile sales Android smartphones are now considered the new market leaders, giving Apple iPhones a run for their money. A smartphone can make your life easier, but only if it has the applications you need or want. Android apps can help you get your work done, assist you on the road, and entertain you with music, videos and games. New apps for Android phones are being developed almost every day and it won’t be long before there’s an application for almost everything. At present there are over 200,000 Android apps to choose from. The number is a long way off from Apple’s 400,000 plus apps, but developers are constantly working to turn out more applications. Google very wisely made their Android OS an open source, allowing developers and programmers all over the world to pitch in and create apps for Android devices and smartphones. Some Android apps are available for a price while others can be downloaded for free. → Read More

8 Cool iPhone Apps – Worth a Second Look


Now that you have your iPhone there’s no doubt you take every chance to flaunt it. After all, it’s not something everybody has. But haven’t you forgotten something? Did you remember to download the latest cool iPhone apps? They don’t call it a smart phone for nothing, but you do realize that it’s the apps you have on your iPhone that makes it a cool gadget. How else can you surf the net, tweet, listen to music, find the nearest restaurant or do a million and one tasks without cool apps for your iPhone? If you don’t know where to start, check out the iPhone apps listed below. While you may have to pay for many of these apps, some of them can be yours for free. Now, how cool is that? HeyWay Do you want to let someone know where you are? HeyWay is a GPS tracker that locates your current location and sends it to a friend’s phone. You don’t have to keep the GPS running all the time, saving battery life to some extent. 211me’s “Virtual Business Cards” If you’re tired of bringing business cards with you, 211me’s paperless business cards may be exactly what you need. With this cool iPhone app, you can design and generate your own business cards, flyers and promotions designed for mobile phones. You can even share these flyers and business cards on Facebook and Friendster. → Read More

Apple to Overhaul App Store Policies


The various applications or “apps” available on the Apple iPhone and the recent iPad have played a major role in the popularity of these devices. On its part, Apple has always allowed third party developers to develop apps and distribute them via Apple’s online app store. This is set to change even as Apple takes extra measures to regulate its app store. A number of app developers including Sony have been asked by Apple to discontinue selling e-books via their apps unless the sale is routed through Apple’s gateway. Apple’s new app policy has already claimed its first victim – Sony’s iPhone app which would have allowed users to browse and purchase e-books from the Sony Reader Store. → Read More

Trapster Informs Users of Massive Security Breach


Popular speed trap warning website informed its users about a large scale security breach that may have compromised their passwords and other membership details. The company has refused to offer more details on the nature of the attack. In a statement sent via e-mail, the company said that it had modified a part of its code to prevent the occurrence of future attacks. The company also clarified that it wasn’t certain if the hackers had actually captured user details like e-mail addresses and passwords and there was no evidence pointing to improper usage of any leaked information. The website features a mobile application that warns subscribers about police speed traps and other traffic related information. It was launched in 2007 and has over 10 million subscribers. → Read More