Apple to Overhaul App Store Policies


The various applications or “apps” available on the Apple iPhone and the recent iPad have played a major role in the popularity of these devices. On its part, Apple has always allowed third party developers to develop apps and distribute them via Apple’s online app store. This is set to change even as Apple takes extra measures to regulate its app store. A number of app developers including Sony have been asked by Apple to discontinue selling e-books via their apps unless the sale is routed through Apple’s gateway. Apple’s new app policy has already claimed its first victim – Sony’s iPhone app which would have allowed users to browse and purchase e-books from the Sony Reader Store. → Read More

Apple’s iPad Loses Market Share to Android in Q4


Market research firm Strategy Analytics reports that Android based tablets gave gained market share in the fourth quarter at the expense of Apple’s iPad. According to a statement released by Strategy Analytics, tablets running on Android accounted 22% of the tablet PC market in the quarter ending 31st December as compared to only 2.3% in the earlier quarter; an astounding ten-fold increase in market share. Apple’s iPad has borne the brunt of this unexpected rise in Android’s fortunes with market share slipping to 75% in Q4 as compared to 95% in the last quarter. → Read More

Sony Set to Release Next Generation PSP


At a press conference held in Tokyo, Sony unveiled its brand new NGP (Next Generation Portable) device. The NGP will succeed Sony’s PSP (Play Station Portable) gaming device. Sony president Kaz Hirai remarked that the NGP comes equipped with five main features, viz. A brand new user interface, ability to access social media websites, location-tracking applications, applications that provide augmented reality (AR) information and finally, the ability to play PS3 games via the PlayStation Suite. The NGP comes equipped with a 5 inch OLEG digital display with a screen resolution of 960 by 544 pixels which is decidedly better than the Apple iPhone 4, which has a 3.5 inch LCD screen with a resolution of 960 by 640 pixels. → Read More

Apple to Introduce NFC Service on iPhone


Apple has the added advantage of possessing a large financial database containing user credit-card numbers, iTunes gift-card balance and even bank data. This data can be easily synchronized to work with NFC-based services. Taylor Hamilton, an analyst at consultant IBISWorld Inc, feels that the introduction of NFC-based services on Apple devices has the potential to turn Apple into a big ticket e-commerce player. The introduction of NFC-based services will give Apple Inc. an opportunity to participate in the $6.2 trillion a year goods and services market in America. Additionally, Apple could potentially save big on credit card processing fees and other overheads by offering a direct bank debit facility to its customers once the NFC-based services are in place. → Read More