Motorola’s ‘Xoom’ – Price Tag of $700 and February 17 Release Date


Motorola’s “Xoom” tablet PC received wholesome praise from reviewers and lay people alike, at the CES 2011 earlier in January. According to details released by Motorola, Xoom will be the first tablet PC to be based on the Android 3; Google’s “Honeycomb” operating system specifically meant for tablets. According to documents leaked from retail chain Best Buy, the Xoom will be available for sale in its stores by February 17th and will sport a price tag of $700. → Read More

Google’s Android Accused of Using Oracle Java Code


Intellectual Property activist and blogger Florian Mueller has recently posted a list of 37 proprietary Sun Java code files that have been found in Google’s Android codebase. Mueller feels that Oracle will present these files as evidence of copyright infringement. Oracle has brought a copyright infringement suit against Google after it acquired Sun last year. Oracle will likely charge a licensing fee to Google if it wins the court case. Google’s Android operating system has become very popular with mobile phone manufacturers as it is open source and free of cost. As a result, a number of competing software platforms like Oracle’s Java ME and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 have consistently lost market share to Android. → Read More

iPhone Average Price Increases $30; iOS Use Reaches 160 Million


Apple Inc. COO Tim Cook has disclosed that over 160 million Apple iOS based devices have been sold up to December 2010. He was speaking at a conference call held to discuss Apple Inc.’s Q1 results. The Apple iOS operating system is used to power a number of Apple products including the iPhone, iPod touch, Pad and Apple TV. At the conference call, Cook credited the iOS for the tremendous popularity of all Apple mobile products and said that the competition – Google’s Android operating system was unable to replicate its success. “We think that our integrated approach is much better for the end user, because it takes out all of the complexity for the end user, instead of making the end user a systems integrator themselves, I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many people who want to be systems integrators,” Cook said. → Read More

Windows Phone 7 – Tough Times Ahead


Low sales figures for the “Kin” brand of smart phones introduced by Microsoft have made life difficult for its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. The smart phone market is largely controlled by devices powered by the Google Android operating system and the iPhone which runs on Apple’s iOS operating system. The smart phone market is currently dominated by Apple and Google along with RIM’s Blackberry relegating Microsoft to fringe player status. The forthcoming debut of a CDMA iPhone 4 on Verizon’s network will make it even more difficult for Microsoft to establish itself in the rapidly growing smart phone market. The debut of the iPhone 4 on America’s largest telecom network will make life that much tougher for other smart phone brands. But while Android and Blackberry are already established names in the business, Microsoft remains a rank newcomer. To add to its woes, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 powered devices are only available on Sprint and AT&T currently while both Blackberry and Android are available across all networks. → Read More

Which Phone? Samsung Galaxy S, iPhone 4 or the HTC Evo 4G?


While the iPhone is often regarded as the top competitor in the smartphone game, there are plenty of other (affordable) options to consider before you drop the cash for an iPhone 4. Apple often touts the iPhone as the most revolutionary and up to date phone on the market, but like all other Apple products, the reality is that much of the competition has the same, if not better, features as the iPhone in a much lower price ranges and sometimes with better network coverage. The top competitors that make their way up against the iPhone in terms of functionality for the same, if not lower, price are the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Evo 4G. Let’s take a look at what’s available on each of them compared to Apple’s iPhone 4. → Read More