Android Tablets Offer More Choices


After making a huge impact on the mobile phone industry, it seems that Android is now doing the same for tablets. Of course, the quality of the Apple iPad remains unmatched, but Android tablets are rapidly catching up. The Android OS also has a multitude of users for tablets, smartphones and other devices. And because it’s an open source, consumers have numerous choices when it comes to Android tablets. Android Tablet – What makes it popular? When you have an Android tablet, it’s very easy to customize. You can add “widgets” or “shortcuts” to your favorite apps on your home screen. Remember that Android is an open source. Anyone can use it for free and develop new apps and new versions. If you don’t like the way your Android tablet looks, simply download a different “look” for your device. Anyone can create apps for Android tablets and smartphones and make them available on the Android Marketplace. Whenever you need a new app simply look for it at the Marketplace. → Read More