Android Based Smartphones – Driving Prices Down


Smartphone technology is advancing rapidly, and as a result there are many more types of cell phones and smartphones available today. Practically every month more features are being added and released by the major phone manufacturers Activities such as social networking and browsing the web are common now, and soon the ability to use your phone to pay for purchases and to watch streaming video will be common as well. These features can be found on normal cell phones to some extent, but the new smartphones have additional computing capability and larger screen sizes that makes them more user friendly.

In looking for the right touch screen phone or smartphone, you pretty much have your choice of brand names. BlackBerry and Apple have been in the market a while, while the Google Android based smartphone are gaining market share rapidly. Due to Google’s release of the Android system as “open source” to any manufacturer that wants to use it, it’s sweeping its competition away in sales volume.

When shopping for a smartphone, take some time to familiarize yourself with all of the features as well as upcoming models for each of the brands, so that you know you won’t be outdated in a matter of months, while waiting out a two year contract. Fees can be high too for heavy data users on smartphones, so compare plan charges.

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