Reasons To Buy A Wireless N Adapter


USB Wireless Adapters
For people who don’t speak “geek”, any talk about wireless N networks, USB adapters, and signal boosters may be a little overwhelming. While there is something to be said about the faster speeds and longer range of the new wireless N networks, that doesn’t mean that they are right for everyone.

Before you even consider purchasing a wireless n adapter, first check if your router is broadcasting a wireless G signal or a wireless N signal. Since most people have ‘G’ routers, the upgraded adapter will do you little good. And, most people would not even utilize the upgrade to ‘N’ even if they had it. Unless you watch hours of high definition TV over the internet, ‘G’ networks are just fine.

Boosting Your Router
If bad connections to your internet are what have you considering an upgrade to a wireless N network, there are other solutions to the weak signal. A wireless router signal booster will take your wireless network signal and boost it so you get a stronger connection throughout the house. If you currently have a G router, this solution can be much more affordable than upgrading the equipment in your house. However, you won’t see any speed increase without upgrading to wireless N.

Which Wireless N Router To Choose?
If poor coverage is your problem, you can’t go wrong with either a router booster or a new wireless N network. Both will increase your signal and coverage throughout your home, but there is one other thing to consider. If you ever plan on watching TV or movies online, the router booster will be somewhat of a wasted purchase. However, upgrading to wireless N components will give you a faster internet connection for years to come, along with the added coverage. If you just us your internet to check email and read the news, a wireless G network will serve you just fine until your habits change.

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