Motorola’s ‘Xoom’ – Price Tag of $700 and February 17 Release Date


Motorola’s “Xoom” tablet PC received wholesome praise from reviewers and lay people alike, at the CES 2011 earlier in January. According to details released by Motorola, Xoom will be the first tablet PC to be based on the Android 3; Google’s “Honeycomb” operating system specifically meant for tablets.

According to documents leaked from retail chain Best Buy, the Xoom will be available for sale in its stores by February 17th and will sport a price tag of $700. The tablet will only be compatible to Verizon’s 3G service and users will have the option to upgrade to Verizon’s 4G network in the future.

Experts have noted that the Xoom can mount a serious challenger to the iPad’s dominance of the tablet market. A recent comparison between the Xoom and the iPad on Android fansite “Droid Life” shows that the Motorola Xoom outperforms the iPad in all technical specifications and is also cheaper than the iPad by $30. According to Motorola, Xoom will feature a powerful Tegra processor, 32 gigabytes storage space and a large 10 inch display while weighing only 1.6 pounds.

While Motorola may have come up with a surefire winner, the technical specs and the release date of the forthcoming iPad 2 will play a big part in deciding who’s boss in the tablet PC space. Apple’s iPad also has the advantage of being available on multiple price points unlike Xoom. For instance, the 3G iPad with a 16 gig internal storage retails for about $629 making it cheaper than the Xoom. Also, Apple has also come up with a wi-fi iPad without a 3G connection which sells for only $500. On the other hand, the iPad 2 release date is at least a few months away; this gives Motorola’s Xoom a head start and will help it capture a large chunk of the high-end tablet market.

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