Beating the Heat for Your Laptop


If living without your laptop computer for even the shortest amount of time and you have to take it outside in this incredible summer heat, be warned! The summer heat can wreak havoc on your laptop if you use it outside during the heat of the day for any duration. So it is always better to be safe than sorry and safeguard against possible heat damage that could compromise your laptop resulting in expensive repairs.

First, when transporting your laptop, keep it off the hot car seat and out of the direct sun coming in the windows. Be especially careful if you leave it in the car in this extreme heat. Better to keep it on the floor of the car where it is protected from direct sunlight and keep the air conditioning on.

Laptops are typically no more prone to computer failure or damage than desktop computers except for issues with their batteries. For this reason you will want to guard against overheating the unit to safeguard the batteries inside.

Always make sure the airflow vent is free and unobstructed. Some airflow vents are positioned on the bottom of the laptop exactly where it meets your knees if you are sitting with it on your lap. You will want to skew the laptop so your knee is not directly beneath the vent to keep it free and clear because it will be working very hard in the heat.

If you are using your laptop at the beach or in a park or on a boat or any place where dust, pollen, sand or water spray can get to it, take along a soft rag to wipe the airflow vent frequently. Whatever you do, do not tape off or cover the airflow vent! If it has to come to that, leave the unit back home where it will be safe. But if you do take it with you, be sure to keep that clean rag busy on the keyboard and screen as well as the vent.

This might sound silly, but laptops need some rest time in extreme heat. Give it some rest periods intermittently to allow it to cool down. If available, a cooler might be a handy place to stow it for a while, provided you protect it from any direct contact with ice or water with a layer of plastic and a towel, and no one comes along and unknowingly dumps a bag of ice or a case of beer on top of it!

Remember, too that the laptop will be hot to touch and may be very hard to read if there is a strong glare from the sun on the screen. If you don’t have an umbrella to sit beneath, at least try wearing a very wide brimmed hat. And by all means do remember your sunglasses!

Finally, keep tanning lotions and bug sprays away from your laptop. These cannot only dull the screen, but also will hold dust and sand particles and promote abrasion on the shell and the screen.

If all else fails and you are finding that your laptop is just running too hot, you can always contact your local repair shop, Maryland IT services for example.

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