Is the i7 Sandy Bridge Laptop Good for CAD?


Many people have argued over the success of the Sandy Bridge architecture which has and is being currently developed by Intel, but the truth is that nowadays you can’t find a more powerful device than the Intel i7. With high demands on hardware, CAD programs are very hard to use on a regular device, so we will have to ask, how good is the i7 Sandy Bridge laptop for CAD?

First of all, CAD software stresses all the hardware of a computer – from CPU to RAM and graphics card, so you will have to acquire a good combination for your PC to be able to easily run CAD. If you are thinking of a netbook, then you’ve heavily undershot your budget. While netbooks are easy to carry around, the tiny Intel Atom CPU is nothing when compared to the powerful Intel i7. Try to size your budget and requirements according to your needs and remember to always check the requirements sheet of the software your are trying to run.

Second of all, in many cases an i7 Sandy Bridge laptop is one of the best products you can find on the market, but it also depends on the RAM you have. Over 4GB or RAM are required for many software products such as Inventor or SolidWorks 2011, but anything over 4GB is good for the future. The graphics card will have to come with over 1GB of dedicated RAM – if you are not familiar with what this means, try to remember that the graphics from Intel are not the best to look for – they are cheap, but they don’t deliver.

Moreover, what are the prices of the best Sandy Bridge laptop for your needs? Well, this depends a lot on the configuration. Prices start at about $800 or $900 for laptops with Intel i7 CPUs and go all the way up to $1500 or $200 on the top products. I personally don’t recommend spending more than $1300 on a device, except the case when you really need that hardware.

All in all, the i7 Sandy Bridge laptop is perfect if you want to run more demanding apps and modern CAD and will be there when you need it, on the go and at home. Try to get your requirements straight and determine what you need before setting out to buy a device you know nothing about.

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