The Samsung NF310 Netbook: Would it Be Your Choice?


Many manufactures compete today on the netbook market. Let’s face it, the netbook is a cheap and easy alternative to the laptop, and it provides more features than a tablet-PC or a smartphone. The Samsung NF310 netbook is one of the latest models provided by Samsung, who, despite its excellent record in the Smartphone and TV markets, it’s not considered one of the best laptop manufacturers.

To begin with, the NF310 is a sleek netbook, with an interesting curved design. It has a surprisingly large keyboard for its 10.8 by 7.4 inches dimensions, which can come in handy if used for students in class, or for insurance brokers on the move, and its HD screen is an absolute delight. Being able to play good quality videos you can use it as a home-entertainment device, thus providing more functionality within a single package.

Furthermore, the incorporated speakers are better than any other Samsung netbooks, giving the user a much better playback than your standard portable DVD player. You may argue that the design of the NF310 is more a question of taste, because its curves and touchpad aren’t very comfortable for some, but overall it is a good device to have on the go due to its good combination between processor and the rest of the components.

Moreover, the price tag of the Samsung NF310 reads around $400, which is slightly higher than its predecessor, the NF210, and many could argue the few extra features do not cover the price increase. Also, the battery lifespan does not exceed 5 hours, which is not saying much for a netbook these days. If you are interested in a longer battery life, some netbooks from Acer could be the answer to your problem, but they wouldn’t feature those cool speakers and that HD screen the NF310 does.

All in all, this shiny, sleek netbook would make it the top 10 inch netbook list, and with its good video & audio playback, fast dual-core Intel Atom processor which performs quite well for a netbook it should not be disregarded just because it is a Samsung device These being said, the Samsung NF310 is a good buy. The only question is: Would it be also your choice?

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