Generation Y – To Become a Generation of Deaf People?


Will those of Generation Y, bought up on the ubiquitous use of devices with headphones/earphones attached such as mp3 players, mobile phones and immersive gaming and such, become a generation of deaf people over the next few decades? It’s been noted by medical researchers that with the exception of using the best studio headphones, most headphones or ear buds end up being used too much and cause subtle damage to the bodies auditory system.

The best xBox 360 headset, used for three hours a day, will generate enough sound to help you into the realm of ‘you are deaf/hard of hearing, congratulations’ very, very quickly if you have it up too loud.

Contrary to popular opinion, going deaf is not an inherent part of getting old. Scientists studying native tribes in the Amazon have repeatedly discovered that their ears are completely functional and they have what could be considered ‘normal’ hearing–all the way up until they are ninety years old. The high tech, high population world that most of us live in is simply too loud to keep our hearing, and that applies to the elderly among us already. Your grandparents are probably both hard of hearing. The ear’s ability to handle sound seems to have a life limit, and running into problems with it due to simply having to hear the sounds of the loud streets, people talking loudly, loud crowds and many other things takes its toll–and that’s on the generation that is in our old folks’ homes now.

Now fast forward even ten years from now. With the explosion of iPods, MP3 players, and the accompanying headphones, the generation we live in will go deaf much, much faster. We are wearing out our ears courtesy of simply stuffing too much sound in them. Technically, people have different ranges of what they can listen to without it hurting their ears, but it is actually much lower than people like to think it is. In some ways, the best way to keep your hearing is to wear firearms-quality earplugs for whenever you don’t need to hear things, almost like letting your ears sleep.

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