Is it Possible to Download Free Maps for Garmin GPS Devices?


Readers of our blog often ask us if it is possible to download free Garmin map updates for their in-car Nuvi GPS.  The answer is a resounding yes, and in this article we shall tell you how you can get free maps for Garmin GPS devices.

The most popular Garmin Nuvi products over the last few years have been their Nuvi 255w and 205 models and both will be susceptible to have out of date routes and directions on if you don’t update the GPS maps at least once a year.

How Can I Download Free Maps for Garmin GPS?

Quite simply, you just need to register your Garmin Nuvi on the myGarmin software downloads website.  This is an official service by Garmin that lets their customers get additional and useful content for their Nuvi GPS including mapping, support, and software upgrades.

If you have a free map update available on your account then you can find out under the “Mapping” tab once registered and logged in.  Not all Garmin owners will be able to get and download free Garmin Map Updates as the program is only available for registered products within the first ninety days of being used.

Why Should You Download Free Maps for Garmin GPS?

If you want to drive your car or truck without worrying about getting lost then you should download free Garmin GPS maps.  If you are driving in a new place, country, or city this is particularly important as they might have recently had new roads built – so those won’t be on the pre-installed Nuvi maps that you already have.

So in answer to the common question: Yes, it is possible to download free maps for Garmin GPS sat nav products.  Simply register on the myGarmin website and see if you have a free map download waiting for you.

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