PC Game Review: C.O.D. Black Ops


Call of Duty Blacks Ops combines action and cut scenes perfectly. The games play control are much better than Call of Duty 4 and Mod 2.  It’s lucky then that the action and set-items on display are designed so effectively you usually neglect about your restricted scope for movement. Early ranges are somewhat generic and familiar, apparently taking cues from titles earlier within the series. A prison-break stage has an actual sense of deja-vu, and your first visit to Vietnam recollects most of the trench-based mostly WWII levels from previous games.

More profitable are later levels with your second go to to Vietnam a real spotlight of the series. To offer away the details would spoil the enjoyment, however the visual recreation of the jungles and villages is probably the very best I’ve seen this generation and instantly brought to mind cinematic classics like Platoon and Apocalypse Now.

There are times when the motion actually sucks you in and will get your blood pumping. Key occasions or important kills are often accompanied by some properly-placed slow motion much like Modern Warfare 2’s breaching sequences. But it surely by no means over-used which is an indication of a developer who actually understands tips on how to create tension.

True to the character of the series, weapons are diverse, in large supply and have a good feeling of weight and authenticity. Even though we’re within the ‘60s, you continue to feel as if you might have entry to innovative weaponry so expect to be wielding every thing from machine guns to rocket launchers, and possibly even a few weapons that weren’t officially obtainable then.

There are a few new additions. Accompanying a tense and atmospheric roof-top shoot-out is the dragon’s breath shotgun which lights up enemies in a wall of fireplace because of its incendiary cartridges. Once you pay money for it, you’ll be reluctant to let it go because it not solely tears by means of the bag guys however makes a satisfying popping sound as it does so. Additionally new is the crossbow with exploding darts. This is incredibly well utilized in a degree where it is advisable to defend your comrades from a distant elevated position.

You can down this game from you PC using Microsoft points. Each download costs about 2200-4200 Microsoft points.

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