Samsung Galaxy S2: A Brief Review


The long awaited and first mobile phone with a dual core processor has landed on our desks here at IT Support Bristol. It’s been the talk of the office for quite some weeks now and here it is in all her slender glory. Even the box itself is stylish and sleek being black almost a cube shape. Opening the box reveals the top surface of the phone itself and it’s obvious right away that this is a sleek phone.

Lifting the phone out of the box, its impossible to see how they can fit such technology in such a thin and incredibly light package. Without the battery attached its just a very thin screen which is lovely to look at even when it hasn’t been switched on yet! When you also consider that this phone boasts an 8mb camera, 1080p High Definition video recording, a Samsung 1.2ghz dual core processor (the first if its kind for a phone), ambient lighting technology, gorilla glass, and the list goes on. It’s amazing how it all fits inside this slim product.

Inserting the battery and switching the phone reveals and a truly fantastic and bright screen with very vibrant colors. The Android operating system is smooth and flows well. Loading the many applications is quick and effortless and watching the weather animations is a sheer pleasure to see. We connected it to the office wireless network and synchronized our GMail account within minutes, emails and contacts were pouring in.

After connecting to the Android Market Place we were able to seamlessly download applications and get them loaded with no trouble at all. Our favorite social networking applications were available and installed too. Now for some typing, a pet hate of mine especially on the Android OS – I have to say that it’s doing a pretty good job and I don’t want to throw it out of the window just yet! Only time will tell but so far IT Support Bristol are a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and will write more soon.

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