Speck HandyShell Case for iPad 2


One of the well known companies when it comes to manufacturing fun and cheap iPad accessories is Speck. They are based in Palo Alto, California, where all their products are designed and manufactured. The company also manufactures bags and cases for Macbook and other gadgets such as Blackberry and Ipod. You should definitely check their line of iPad cases if you’re looking for one because they all look classy and elegant.

Just recently they have released a new case, the  HandyShell Case for iPad 2. The product has a protective hard shell which is great for your tablet computer if you’re not a careful person. The design is also very unique and it really stands out from the rest of other Ipad case models that you can buy online or from local stores these days. It is very useful and I’m sure a lot of Ipad 2 owners will love it because it boasts a flip-out thumb ring handle. This means that Ipad owners will be able to handle and grip their Ipad units more securely and easily.

Its versatile handle is also a great selling point because it can be used as a stand if a user wants to view  the screen in landscape or portrait mode. You can even use it as an improvised wall mount for your iPad 2 because it has the ability to hang on a wall. I suggest that you look for its pictures on the internet and I guarantee that you’ll be amazed with its design.

Using it is also a good way to protect your iPad 2′s screen because it features an extended front bevel. It’s also not heavy because it only weights 2 pounds! This means that you’ll be able to carry it around very easily. For more customer reviews, please visit the company website, www.speckproducts.com, but for more unbiased reviews, I suggest that you go Amazon.com.

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