How to Customize Your iPod – Skins, Cases, Headphones And More!


iPod cases and skins may have a practical use – to protect your iPod from scratches and bumps – but their popularity has gone far beyond this. They are now seen as the ultimate accessory for your iPod, a way to personalize it according to your style and tastes. And there are so any ways to go about it!

iPod Cases

Even if you’re not particularly interested in customizing your iPod, you’re going to want to get your hands on an iPod case at the very least. Why? Because if you carry your iPod around with you (which is the whole point of the device) then it’s likely to get scratched without one!

Cases come in all sorts of styles these days. You could get a basic slip case, a folio one that opens like a book, a leather case, a cotton case, or anything else you fancy! There’s even a huge market for handmade iPod and iPhone cases on websites such as Etsy and eBay.

iPod Socks

iPod socks are extremely popular at the moment, thanks to the fact that they look cute and are one of the cheapest case options available for your iPod. Again, these come in a huge range of colors and are often hand made.

iPod Skins

Clear iPod skins are the ultimate practical accessory for your iPod. Nobody will even notice that you’ve got one, but it’ll serve to protect your screen, and body, against scratches from keys and any other items you may be carrying around with you. These are extremely cheap – you can buy a pack that’ll last the whole lifetime of your iPod for a very affordable cost.

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting then you can get sleek skins that fit snugly around your iPod in a huge range of designs. They are practically unlimited, as many services are now offering custom designs based on your requests. They may also come with extra features such as being smudge-proof, fade-proof, and waterproof.


Most iPod users simply make use of the standard white earphones that came in the iPod box. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want to make the iPod even more unique then why not buy some headphones that say more about you? This could be as simple as choosing some colored ear phones, or you could go all out and use something more dramatic like Skullcandy headphones.

Going Above And Beyond With Your Customizations

Although Apple provide free engraving of a small message, you can get a lot more if you go through third party services. Some services will go as far as engraving patterns all over the back of your iPod, or etching detailed pictures into the design. There’s no doubt your iPod will stand out if you get it customized this way!

The best thing about the popularity of the iPod is that there are literally thousands of options available when it comes to customization. So take a look at what’s out there and have some fun!

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