The Apple iPod: The Perfect Sports Companion?


Although the main purpose of the iPod was originally to listen to music, there’s no reason why you can’t combine this with sports – or even use the iPod touch as a personal trainer! The iPod is the perfect partner for anyone who’s into running, going to the gym, cycling and more. Here’s a guide to the various features you’ll want to take advantage of.

iPod Sports Armbands

If you like to listen to your music while you’re running, then you’re going to want to get your hands on one of the many sports armbands available for the iPod and iPhone. Not only do the armbands help keep your iPod secure and out of the way while you’re exercising, they also help to protect it against damage, including moisture damage from your own sweat! Here’s a quick guide to the choices available to you:

iWatchz Watchband for iPod Nano: If you’ve got an iPod Nano then this is probably the most convenient of all the “armbands” you can get. In fact, the Nano is so small that it fits onto the face of this stylish watch design to be worn around the wrist. It still leaves full access to all controls.

Apple iPod Nano Armband: If you’d rather wear the Nano around your arm then you can always choose Apple’s official armband. It comes in gray, pink, red, green and blue.

Belkin FastFit Armband for iPhone 4: This armband is designed for the very latest iPhone, made from breathable material ideal for sports – and it’s water resistant.

Belkin FastFit Armband for iPod Touch: The above armband also comes to fit the newest generation of iPod Touch.

These armbands are all available to buy from the official Apple store, though there are several other manufacturers developing armbands in a huge range of colors and styles to be sold elsewhere.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Apple have partnered with Nike to come up with a unique sports kit that can transform your iPod touch (second generation+) or iPhone (3GS or 4) into a personal sports trainer suitable for running and use in the gym. The kit comes with a wireless sensor that you insert into a pocket in your Nike+ shoe. This sensor will send information back to your iPod to help you improve your workouts.

The Nike personal trainer app can track a number of statistics, such as your pace, calories burned, distance run and timings. You can even have spoken alerts played through your earphones to let you know when you pass important milestones – as you’re running!

When you’re done running, the app allows you to sync data back to where you can analyze it further or share your data with people all over the world.

So Which iPod Is Best For Sports?

If you’re still undecided as to which iPod is best for sports then there are a few things to consider. Based on size and cost alone, the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle are firm favorites among runners, who simply want a system that plays music but stays safe and out of the way. However, if you’re thinking of using the Nike sports app, then you’re going to need an iPod Touch or iPhone to do so.

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