15 Uses for the iPod Or iPhone Other Then Music


If you’re thinking of buying an iPod Touch then it’s important to know that it has become much more than a simple music player. In fact, there are literally hundreds of things you can do with it – it would be impossible to list them all here! Instead, we’ve put together fifteen unique, practical and fun uses for your iPod.

1) Record Audio: As well as playing audio, you can also record it yourself! Simply use the inbuilt microphone for quick voice memos, or buy a high quality microphone if you want to use it for recording songs, podcasts and more.

2) Sports Trainer: There are now a number of apps to help you maximize the use of your iPod Touch when training for sports. Most popular is the Nike App with comes with an insert for your shoe that’ll send data, such as calories burned, distance, pace, timing and more back to your iPod.

3) Read Books: Since the iPad came out, the iBooks app has also been available for iPhone and iPod Touch. This means you can read eBooks in a huge range of formats on the portable device. No need to lug heavy physical books around with you!

4) Satellite Navigation: If you own the iPod Touch or the iPhone then you can download apps that’ll let you use it as a sat nav device, complete with audio instructions just like any other system! You’ll want to get an in-car mount so you can display the screen in a prominent position as you drive.

5) Watch Movies: You can now watch movies on the iPod Classic and the Touch, so they’re perfect for keeping yourself occupied on flights, train journeys and so on.

6) Games Consoles: The portable gaming market is really growing due to the popularity of smart phones and multimedia MP3 players like the iPod Touch. You can find a huge range of popular games, both free and paid, in the iTunes Store.

7) External Hard Drive: Although you do need to go through iTunes to transfer music and audio to the device, a number of apps are making it a lot easier to use your iPod Touch or iPhone as an external hard drive. Apps such as Dropbox mean you can keep files in sync between your computer and phone, or you can simply download storage apps for keeping your files with you on the move.

8) Photo Albums: The iPod classic is fantastic at displaying photographs, and other models can even serve as a camera! So why not take your photos with you on the go, and set up slideshows for friends and family?

9) Finding Local Services: Apps on the iPod and iPhone are fantastic for all kinds of things, including finding the best services in your local area. If you’re desperate for a pizza, for example, then do a quick search and you’ll be ordering within minutes!

10) Make Phone Calls: It’s pretty obvious that you can make phone calls using the iPhone, but if you’ve only got an iPod Touch then it’s still possible using apps such as Skype, or video apps such as Face Time, when connected over Wi-Fi!

11) Create Music: Yes, you can even create your own music using iPhone apps! They start as basic virtual instruments, and progress into fully fledged apps that’ll allow you to create whole pieces of music.

12) Stay Organized: There are a huge number of productivity apps available, including the free calendar app that’ll make sure you don’t miss any of your upcoming appointments!

13) Stay Up To Date: Web browsing means you can keep up to date with the news, RSS readers mean you can keep up to date with your favorite blogs, and podcasts mean you can keep up to date with your favorite podcasters!

14) Know Where You Are: Travel apps are perfect for finding out about tourist spots in any area you’re visit and, if you get lost, you can always use the map to get you back home!

15) Track: You can track just about anything using iPhone apps. This could mean tracking the calories you eat every day, the number of hours sleep you get, the recipes you’re making, the hours of work you do – it’s virtually unlimited!

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