Trapster Informs Users of Massive Security Breach


Popular speed trap warning website informed its users about a large scale security breach that may have compromised their passwords and other membership details.

The company has refused to offer more details on the nature of the attack. In a statement sent via e-mail, the company said that it had modified a part of its code to prevent the occurrence of future attacks. The company also clarified that it wasn’t certain if the hackers had actually captured user details like e-mail addresses and passwords and there was no evidence pointing to improper usage of any leaked information.

The website features a mobile application that warns subscribers about police speed traps and other traffic related information. It was launched in 2007 and has over 10 million subscribers.

Following this development, cyber security experts have asked subscribers to change passwords for other websites in case they are the same as their passwords. In a recently blog post, Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, said that, “Now, you may not care very much if your credentials on Trapster have been compromised and may think that not too much harm can come from that, but what if you use the same e-mail address/password combination on other Websites such as your Twitter account or Web e-mail address?”

In a similar security breach at Gawker Media, the hackers made off with e-mail addresses and passwords of registered users. This information was then used by the hackers to access a massive number of twitter accounts which were then used to send out spam messages selling an acai berry diet. has also asked its users to modify passwords at other sites if they were identical to their Trapster passwords. The company has also offered to help users come up with more secure passwords. The company has advised its users to have a password that is at least eight characters long and is devoid of commonly used words or expressions.

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